Monday, December 30, 2013

Anderson & AC360 Later Panels Look Back & Discuss 2013 News Stories

With Anderson Cooper on vacation and John King and Bill Weir in the AC360 anchor chair, each night there was a taped segment where Anderson looked back on topical stories and an AC360 Later panel discussion followed.

On Monday, December 23rd - Politics & Power in 2013:

On Thursday, December 26th - Scandals & Lies in 2013:

On Friday, December 27th -  Crime & Justice in 2013:
Part 1

Part 2

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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aries moon said...

Didn't watch the non-AC 360's but I did manage to catch the Later-like panels. Apparently AC360 Later will return officially on January 6 according to the AC360 Twitter page. That's great news.

Anonymous said...

AC 360Later is back Jan.6th but for how long and do we really care?
Sad that Griffin is the only person that CNN can team up with Andy on New Years Eve.
Prediction: Low ratings.