Thursday, December 05, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360 Thursday, 12/05/2013

Anderson Cooper was in the AC360 anchor chair, live at 8pm and 10pm.  Both hours were devoted to coverage of Nelson Mandela and Anderson tweeted the following ~

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Anonymous said...

I was enjoying the coverage tonight, until David Gergen showed up. Not sure who felt he was a relevant guest. Wish we could have heard more from Donna Brazile. I've missed her on AC360.

Wonder if Anderson will head to South Africa to cover Mandela's memorial service and funeral. I sure hope CNN sends him.


aries moon said...

360 did a great job with the Nelson Mandela remembrance--there was a good cross-section of guests (except for Gergen) and Anderson seemed very engaged and brought up some of his own experiences in South Africa--we were given a thorough overview of Mandela, his life and its impact on his country and the world.

Jaanza said...

Of course, the death of Nelson Mandela was the big news. Ever since it was first reported mid-afternoon, CNN has covered nothing else. No disrespect intended, Mandela was an extraordinary leader. 360, and that other show on MSNBC, reported on Mandela for the whole hour; i switched back and forth.

Anderson had all the angles: history, biography, eulogies, legacy. I saw him talk to Christiane Amanpour, Richard Stengel, Donna Brazile and Charles Ogletree. I did not see David Gergen but that's okay.

Jenn brought up Anderson possibly going to South Africa for the memorial service and funeral. That would be a terrific assignment and Anderson should be the one to go but it's probably up to Zucker to decide.

Thanks ATA, for the Boston photos. The Boston Marathon bombing was horrible and a big news story but a special report to mark the eight-month mark? That would be Dec. 15. Has anything monumental happened recently that couldn't wait until the one-year date? Yes, it was horrendous for everybody involved but I want to hear about the Detroit Institute of Art auctioning off works of art to help save the city.

Nonetheless, today's 360 was a good look and remembrance of Nelson Mandela. Will Anderson anchor Friday's 360 or already be on his way to South Africa?

Anonymous said...

It was a great show tonight.I have learned alot about Nelson Mandella and South Africa.And Anderson was wnnderfull.Irene

Anonymous said...

It really amazes me that Anderson would take any interest at all in South Africa.
I know he did, but the question is why and I believe an Afro-American anchor should go to the funeral, least of all, A-n-d-e-r-s-o-n. President Obama and the First Lady will probably be there and what, oh what will Anderson say upon greeting them that wouldn't be hypocritical??
Sorry folks....a zebra doesn't change his stripes for the occasion, but than this one might.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Mr. Cooper's interviews in Boston last week have anything to do with a year end special/look back at 2013 he is putting together for CNN?

Anonymous said...

@Anon 9:37pm It's pretty clear you are not familiar with Anderson Cooper's career at all. If you read his book (or even his Twitter feed on Thursday) you would know he has spent time in South Africa and much of Africa. He's done numerous reports for CNN and 60 Minutes on famine, civil war, Mountain Gorillas, Nile Crocodiles, etc over the course of his career. If you read his book you will know that he went to Africa just out of High School, before college and if you read this blog post he tweeted that he remembered being in Soweto on election day in 1994, standing in line with elderly African Americans as they voted for the fist time.

I can't think of any anchor at CNN that has reported more from Africa than Mr. Cooper and feel he would be the perfect anchor to send.

Given Zucker's recent announcement that he wants to make CNN less about news and more about entertainment, I'm guessing he won't approve the expenditure to send anyone.

I'm not saying Anderson is perfect; I've been disappointed in AC360 most of the time lately, but giving credit where it's due, he did travel to Ghana, report on President Obama's trip and had a sit down interview and tour with him at Cape Coast Castle for CNN. The anti-POTUS slant is CNN wide, not just on AC360. Sometimes you have to play the corporate game whether you want to or not, if you want to keep your job.

-- Jenn

Anonymous said...

"Sometimes you have to play the corporate game if you want to keep your job."
No, really?
You may want to rationalize AC's
attitude towards this Administration all you want, BUT,
the end result is the same.
He has made demeaning accusations towards President Obama's efforts, especially when it comes to entitlement programs AND Obamacare.
AND....I not only read Anderson's book, I have an autographed copy, somewhere, when I really thought he was for the disadvantaged and poor.
He has proven otherwise, and it is quite unlikely that the POTUS would ever feel comfortable enough with Anderson to grant him an interview.
I will restate my claim, an Afro-American should go to South Africa.
Just because Anderson sought adventure when he was young and had the resources to accomodate his adventurous spirit, does not mean, HE is entitled to go Africa on behalf of CNN. Although, since CNN fired all the Afro-American anchors, like Soledad O'Brien, they are now in a Jeff Zucker bind.

Anonymous said...

@Jenn yeah he did a special with the POTUS on Africa and has extensive knowledge of and has been to many dangerous areas on the continent. There is some1 on here who keeps saying 'if ac wants to get an interview with the potus...' or that ac will never get an interview with him. Correct me if I'm wrong but hasn't AC interviewed presidentObama twice? That special while in Africa and also at the Whitehouse because he had said how hot the president keeps it really hot in the oval office n they spoke abt the pres trying to quit smoking? It's still a curious thing to me that ppl still think of Anderson as a young rookie still working up a resume, when the man is a true blue veteran in his field.

Anonymous said...

@12:31AM: Yes, Anderson did 'in the past,' interview the POTUS twice, in his first term and first year. Nothing recently.
Steve Kroft, who is also aligned with 60 Minutes, has done most of the interviews with President Obama both in his first term and his second, and as a candidate.
It has nothing to do with his "being a rookie," but Anderson's political demeanor is one that suggests he leans very much to the right.

Anonymous said...

Baaahhh! So what of Anderson's politic? We all know Anderson has always leaned towards the underdog LOL!! I'm sure not gonna foam at the mouth about it. I would just change the damn channel...heh. Still he's a cool dude and deserves props, he's not a kid nor new to the game. I think he pretty much knows what he's doing. I guess when we all get our own shows we can do what ever we want with our show.