Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360, Tuesday 12/3/13

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Jaanza said...

First things first - I totally understand the feelings of the ATA Team about 360 not being what it used to be and hardly worth the time to watch it, much less itemizing each day.

But I'm hoping someone can answer a question for me about Monday's show. I wasn't able to watch and was wondering if Anderson said anything on the protests in Thailand and the Ukraine. The 360 website is no help.

Tuesday's 360 had a couple good moments. The first concerning new information about the Bronx train crash had a good overview of how things stand right now. The discussion with sleep expert Michael Breus had interesting and smart comments about sleep and the mind but could only speculate on how it applies concretely to the engineer who was driving the train.

The best part of the show was the report on the global education exam and where American students rank. There was a great discussion with Fareed Zakaria and Amanda Ripley. I especially liked Fareed's comments about the money element, i.e. U.S. property taxes for local schools vs. how other countries fund their schools.

I was checking Hayes during commercials and came into the Paul Walker crash and death segment when Kyung Lah was taking the test drive in that car (the same kind Walker was driving). Reporting on Walker's death was relevant. Taking a drive in the car was cheesy and felt like filler.

The segment on Professor Esparza and the 20-year-old case of the murder of her alleged rapist felt too much like Nancy Grace, even with the panel of Sunny Hostin and Danny Cevallos. In all fairness, I should point out I spent more time watching Hayes' segment titled "Worst. Congress. Ever." It would be awesome to see Anderson report on how very little Congress has accomplished this year, mostly thanks to the GOP and their efforts to overturn the ACA.

It's great that guy was rescued from the submerged ship after three days but I chose to watch Hayes and his panel with their perspective on the global education exam.

It's not fair to scrutinize the ratings lately; they were probably high for the first days after Typhoon Haiyan but then Anderson went on vacation. I will have to check next week what the ratings are for this week. Of course people like me who switch back and forth between Anderson and Hayes must drive the Nielsen people nuts.

aries moon said...

I don't recall seeing a segment on Ukraine or Thailand on 360 on Monday, but Rachel Maddow did an impressive historical overview of the Ukraine protests and what's turning out to be a second Orange Revolution there. Odd that Nic Robertson was on the AC360 Later panel talking about the train crash instead of covering the protests the way we've come to expect.

The Kyung Lah piece on the Paul Walker crash seemed really inappropriate considering that he just passed away--I didn't watch the report, but I did catch some moments where she was laughing as she was speeding in the car and it didn't feel right.

There were a few good moments on AC360 Later when the panel discussed education/stop & frisk and how the thinking of men and women differ. There was a really smart, cool guy named Salman Khan on who was a part of the education discussion--he's someone they should invite back on again. I was also glad to see Hill Harper back as well.

Phebe said...

@aries moon, Not sure if you know Nic is on his yearly rotation to the States and is here until the holidays. I'm sure you're right if he was back in London they'd have him on the Ukraine story.

Also agree that Hill Harper is a good addition to the Later panel. To me last night's group was a good mix with no one being too annoying. Liked the women ganging up on Toobin, he deserved it. :)

aries moon said...

@Phebe, thanks for the info about Nic Robertson--I didn't realize he was on a rotation.

Anonymous said...

On tonite's 360, Anderson was speaking to a panel, yet again, about releasing all the tapes that were held for privacy matters, from Sandy Hook's school shooting last year.
Now this is a perfect example of why this show fails in content.
This event happened last year.
This event happened last year at this time.
This event was important because NO LEGISLATION got passed as far as gun control. If you're going to constantly hold the Obama Administration accountable, at least do it for its total lack of commitment and its fear of the gun lobby!
I don't care what the tapes say.
The children are dead, that is what the tapes say and they are dead because gun legislation died along with them.
Their deaths, were in vain....that is the issue, AC/360
not the melodramatic calls for help!!
And for those of us who, like myself have commented for almost eight years on this site, can anyone actually tell me whether Anderson is pro or con on the gun issue?? Anyone?
I bet not....and that's another reason viewers are tuning him out.