Monday, December 09, 2013

Odds & Ends and Catching Up

With Anderson in South Africa and lots of "extras" coming in, we thought it time for a "catch up" post, so here goes ~

And a little behind the scenes from the 60 Minutes shoot ~

Fuuny or Die put out a promotional video for Anchorman 2 where Anderson, Chris Cuomo and Wolf talk about Ron Burgundy.  The first clip is the video in its entirety, the second is just Anderson's part:

Meatless Monday: Make Anderson Cooper’s Favorite Veggie Burger

It’s no secret Anderson Cooper has a thing for fast food.

In March, the Anderson Cooper 360° anchor called himself a ”total McDonald’s person” on former talk show Anderson Live—while wearing a shirt screen-printed with French fries. He also once told USA Today that his guilty pleasure is Boston Market, and has tweeted about his love of Big Macs.

But the trim star also knows to mix in healthier fare: He is frequently spotted at New York City’s Bareburger ordering the black bean burger, a vegetarian patty cooked in good-for-you grape seed oil (it’s rich with healthy fats) and tucked between a multigrain bun.

With cheese, onions, corn, peppers, cumin, garlic and chili powder mixed into the patty, this burger is a lot more flavorful than anything you’ll get in a drive-through.

For the full article, including recipe, please click on the above link.

Maybe Anderson did get that dancing lesson in Boston last week.....

An AC360 "Web Exclusive"
Chrisann Brennan on Steve Jobs: "He is so disconnected from love"

In 1972, Chrisann Brennan and Steve Jobs met while they were in high school. They dated off and on for the next five years. Their relationship ended while Brennan was pregnant with their daughter Lisa. Now, Chrisann Brennan is opening up about their relationship. She spoke to Anderson and shared her memories about the early days of Apple, Jobs' upbringing, how he initially denied paternity of their child, and much more.

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Anonymous said...

WOW thank you for all the extras today. Lots of good pictures and other things as well. I figured Anderson would go to South Africa, but was kind of surprised that Wolf didn't go since he had interviewed him in the past.

Thank you

aries moon said...

Great post! A nice collection of AC info, the interview with Steve Jobs ex was very good. Don't know why Anderson wanted to take a pic with that gun though.

Anonymous said...

TVN is posting:
Anderson Cooper has lowest rating since 2011, on Friday in 8PM time slot.
I do not know if Anderson was anchoring on Friday since I don't watch him anymore, not at
8 and not at 10, and from the looks of things, I'm not alone.
However being someone who is really for gun control, I don't care if Anderson is with a navy seal.
Holding a large, loaded rifle and smiling about it, isn't going to make those low ratings come up, from viewers like myself.
Someone has to tell Anderson, posing with any weapon, currently, is NOT a good P R idea, especially one that emphasizes "target practice."
Just who or what is he aiming at?

Dee said...

ighten up people! The gun was part of the story between Luttrell and his friend. This was one of the things they enjoyed doing together when he visited. In most of Anderson's in-depth interviews he becomes part of the story....swimming with Michael Phelps, swimming with sharks, etc. This is his style to make an interview more relaxed and like a "visit" with the individual.

Anonymous said...

"In most of Anderson's in depth interviews HE becomes part of the story."
Yes, you are right, and that is why viewers are turning away.
But then he also said he wasn't interested in there ya' go. He can't wait to interview his next celeb for '60 Minutes,' and that includes sports celebs as well.