Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Anderson Cooper 360 & AC360 Later Wednesday, 01/15/2014

Anderson Cooper was in the AC360 anchor chair.

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Anonymous said...

I enjoyed AC360 Later tonight. Christiane seems to be a bit of a war monger, but made some good points. The surprise was Richard Dryfuss pushing back on journalists and it being lost of the table to some degree. He was an interesting guest.

I could have done without the replay of Drew Griffin's report and the following discussion with Jeff Toobin because it was basically a repeat of the 8pm segment. At least we didn't have to suffer through Geragos and Hostin at 10pm. The AC360 staff needs to loose them on speed dial. They've been on way to much lately.

Not sure if it's just me, but I'm not a fan of the Facebook and Twitter comments on the bottom of the screen on AC360 Later. Social media should be kept on social media - not on my television screen. IMO it's a huge distraction and serves no purpose.


Anonymous said...

I also enjiyed AC360Later tonite. Misses most of AC -I get him up here at 5pm and will have to put up a Do Not Disturb on my door etc so many interuptions last few nites. I did finally find channel with ChrisHayes hs spent a lot of time on the Chris Christie affair. He is a very animated speaker who talks fast.Anderson has more ability far as I amconcerned but lets face it he needs a shake up in his production staff & information they provide him with.On AC360Later he seems more relaxed &gives impression of enjoying program more. Jack Gray is ok but very attached to Anderson &a change is good as rest.On the segment re Tylenol AC did say he has been taking Tylenol for pain since his shoulder surgery which he has obviously had problems with maybe thats why he does not seem himself for starters. CNN really has to improve ratings &give Anderson the ability to do news like he can not all one sided.

Jaanza said...

For the first segment, Anderson had new video of a July 2013 airline crash in San Francisco. First of all, it's awful and ironic that a crash survivor was killed by a rescue truck. Second of all, I'm more interested in Republicans behaving badly, getting caught and desperately trying to explain / apologize their way out of it. Hayes had that (Christie) in his first segment and I'm not burnt out on that story yet.

Hayes said his next segment would be about Christie's political future and fitness for office. Instead I watched Anderson and Martin Savidge cover Curtis Reeves, the FL shooter of the movie tester. It was a good report and in the panel the most interesting remark came from Mark Geragos, who reminded viewers that his co-panelist, Sunny Hostin, had predicted George Zimmerman would be convicted. Earlier I caught a glimpse of Geragos and Jeffrey Toobin discussing the lawsuit in connection with the Asiana flight crash. Why wasn't Toobin brought back to discuss the Reeves case? I don't get it.

At the end of the Reeves segment, Anderson previewed the next segment on Christie, "Governor Chris Chrisie may survive Bridgegate after all...."
That's when I wished I had watched Hayes' segment on Christie's future so I could compare. Anderson talked about poll results with John King and I was glad not to have the usual political pundits. Unfortunately, at one point Anderson said, regarding Christie being 13 points behind Hillary Clinton, "We're so far away from the election, does it really matter?" If you have to ask, why showcase the poll numbers in the first place?

The Christie coverage was shortened by including a Bulletin in the same segment.

The next segments were about Madeleine McCann (Anderson talked to Ed Smart) and the dangers of acetaminophen (with Sanjay Gupta). On the Twitter feed in today's ATA post, Anderson mentioned Iraq, raising hopes that country's problems would be covered on 360. If they were, it must have been an incredibly short segment because I missed it.

The 'Devil Baby' Ridiculist was a little better than usual.

An ATA poster recently criticized Anderson and 360 for too sensationalized news stories and too many crime stories. I agree. Besides nothing on Iraq, there was also nothing on the unemployment benefits extension being voted down by the Senate, which Hayes covered.

@Jenn - I pay attention to the titles on the screen but not the Facebook or Twitter comments. If I were in charge, they wouldn't be there but I can see how someone at 360 or CNN may think it looks cool and hip and it's a real connection to the viewer. Can anyone state whether there's been a bump in the ratings since 360 has started this?

aries moon said...

The journalists on the AC360 Later panel probably weren't banking on Richard Dreyfuss pivoting from civics to the poor state of their profession--but he was certainly right--soundbites aren't news, Bush should've been impeached and many journalists are falling down on the job--that didn't seem to sit too well with AC and Christianne. Anderson thought he'd catch Dreyfuss off guard by asking him if he thought President Obama has lied to the American people the way other presidents have in the past but Dreyfuss wasn't having any of it--I'm not sure why AC thinks POTUS has 'lied' about anything--there's been no evidence whatsoever to prove he 'lied' about Benghazi, IRS, ACA, NSA, Fast and Furious, Syria or whatever trumped up 'scandal' the GOP tries to sell to news outlets like AC360. Dreyfuss was an intriguing guest, I doubt he could come back very often, but I wish he could, he spoke the truth.

Repeating the Drew Griffin report was a waste of time--repeated stories from AC360 should be kept to a minimum on AC360 Later.

Christianne Amanpour is sure hawkish. I wish Andrew Sullivan had been there to counter her war mongering.

aries moon said...

AC360 Later did a segment on First Lady Michelle Obama and that was a surprise because generally they totally ignore the President, First Lady and family unless there's something 'bad' to talk about. The segment was fine and they didn't go to hard on her which was a nice change.

How many times does Anderson need to talk to Elizabeth Smart's dad? It's just the same story over and over. I know AC has some kind of fear about being abducted, but that topic, Smart and her father bore me to tears.

Anonymous said...

OK. Here's a clue Anderson in reference to the Christie poll.
I know he was perhaps just a toddler when Nixon went down, but those of us who were around know the story very, very, well.
Nixon had super high poll numbers when the Watergate burglary occured.....and then he was gone.
So there you go.
We shall keep looking for that "smoking cone," because history repeats itself.

Anonymous said...

According to Huffpost, 20 subpoenas are being issued against
Chris Christie's closest aides...and one of those aides is going to link Chistie.
We are waiting for the next shoe to drop stop gloating.
Even the NYPost is waiting with baded breath and you can't get more conservative than that.
But wait, wasn't it the Wall Street Journal that broke the story and yes they are EVEN MORE conservative.
This will be better than a Broadway show. Stay tuned.