Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Anderson Cooper 360 & AC360 Later Wednesday, 01/22/2014

Anderson Cooper was in the anchor chair....


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Anonymous said...

1/22/14 AC360 had quite discussion going on the brain dead mom in Texas got quite passionate with all ideas &good to see Anderson firmly speak up to say quiet so discussion could be properly heard. Tired of Grragis &Hostin with their perfect solutions &informed ideas. Segment on CNN reporter shows risks taken in the field &heaven forbid what Sochi might be like.Again what plan if any does CNN have tokeep reporters safe in Sochi.As Canadian shudder at Rob Ford issue.Usuaally it is British Columbia that has wierd politics but this time we seem exempt but living in BC you never know what will happen.. In AC360Later was disappointed Sanhay Gupta wasnt asked if or why not an ultra sound would not have been done to detect abnormalities in the fetus..Jeff Toobin had sensible remark that it is a womens body to do as she wants now hopefully the issue will be put to rest.Nice to see AC relaxed & smiling but would be nice to see him shed the jacket roll up sleeves & loosen tie

Jaanza said...

Great opening segment on Wednesday! Also, it was indeed Breaking News to me because I hadn't heard about the report on the condition of the fetus in the Munoz case. The fetus is doomed and if it doesn't die in utero will likely die shortly after birth. I'm not an expert, I don't have a medical degree, I haven't seen the latest report. But I do know that hydroencephalia (water on the brain) is extremely serious and combined with a heart problem and limb deformities this fetus just won't make it.
Ed Lavendera had a good report but it was the panel with Dr. Masterson, Mark Geragos and Sunny Hostin that was awesome to watch. All three got so riled up Anderson had to try to keep everything calm and organized. Geragos associated the TX law with abortion rights, Dr. Masterson tried to reason with Hostin several times and Hostin was adamant that the condition of the fetus doesn't change anything.
Right now the segment is not up for viewing yet on the 360 site but I would really like to see this again. It was the best part of the show.

The "Politics, Money and Influence" report by Drew Griffin was a good idea at a subject that definitely needs to be looked at. Unfortunately it felt like a slow newsday filler report.

I had my usual reaction to the 'cold and snow in the northeast U.S.' report. Cold and snow? You wanna talk about cold and snow look at Minnesota.

Jean Casarez reported on the 8-year-old boy killed trying to save family members from a fire. David McKenzie recounted his ordeal of covering a trial in Beijing and being roughed up by the Chinese police. The Bulletin ran through four stories none of which were the civil war in Syria (which Wolf Blitzer, in his Crossfire-shortened 6 pm hour did cover) or the riots in Ukraine.

I didn't see the Ridiculist.

@ ATA - I really like the screengrab in today's post. Anderson's looking very sharp and very smart in that photo.

aries moon said...

Loved The Ridiculist--AC really hit that fraternity hard for their racist and idiotic stunt.

On AC360 Later, I couldn't agree more with Geragos, Blow and Toobin regarding the braindead woman in Texas--the anti-abortion agenda is playing a huge role in the case and forcing a braindead woman to give birth is grotesque. The woman's family should have the final word on what happens. Sunny Hostin's views on this topic seem completely irrational and presumptuous. Wasn't happy to see Ana Navarro back, but overall the panel and topics were good. Too bad Later's scheduling is sort of erratic, with documentaries taking up some Thursdays and it not airing on Fridays.