Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Anderson Cooper 360 & Later, Tuesday 1/14/14

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Anonymous said...

Missed most of AC360 too many interuptions at home AC360Later wss quite interesting.Nice to see Christiane Amanpour back.Discussions were fairly relaxed even on sone serious segments &Anderson seemed to be in a more humerous mood even Sunny Hostin was a little more rational about the baby in utero issue.The French diplomat is somewhat typical of many males esoec European ones who will diddle around with a smile &playing innocent. As for Justin Bieber as a Canadian I feel he is immature &an insult to all young entertainers. Enjoyed the Ridiculist Randi Kaye had a real bright glow! Maybe Anderson should have gone along!!

Jaanza said...

Again I missed the first minute or two of 360 (have to get more organized) and the show was already into part two of the 'Murder Cover-up' report about a Texas murder and somebody (the victim? the killer?) named Wright. I switched to Hayes who was covering NJ Governor Christie, his 'State of the State' speech, the bridge scandal, mis-use of post-Sandy federal funds allegations and New Jersey politics.

A word about Hayes: the guy isn't fit to shine Anderson's shoes when Anderson is at the top of his game or reporting from the field. However, he is a smart guy who often puts on a smart show and when Anderson's 360 is below par, I'm going to watch Hayes. For example, the first segment on Tuesday, Hayes along with most other news shows, used the first segment to talk about Gov. Christie. Anderson had part two of a little-known crime story.

In 360's second segment, Anderson had a few minutes on the shooting at a New Mexico school and then the news on Christie. Anderson did point out that Christie lied about not meeting Wildstein and the panel was pretty darn good (Jake Tapper, Paul Begala and former NJ politician Rick Lazio).

After that was part two of Drew Griffin's Newtown charity scam report. So in the first half-hour, there were two second-half reports of non-front-page news while the front page news (Christie) was the third story of t he night and received less time. During the charity scam report, Hayes dealt with the West Virginia water contamination and scrutinized Freedom Industries, the company responsible for the chemical spill.

Anderson promised "a new development" about Marisse Munoz, the brain-dead pregnant Texas woman. The new news was the family bringing a lawsuit against the hospital. This could have been scrunched down to be in the Bulletin instead of re-hashing the story and having another panel. OTOH, the panel wasn't that bad; Aleva Martin was great and Sunny Hostin was much more sensible this time around.

Late Monday evening, CNN.com had a big headline story about conditions in Iraq being worse now than when U.S. troops left two years ago. This would have been a good international news story for 360. If not on Tuesday, maybe later in the week because the situation in Iraq isn't going to improve anytime soon. Or in Afghanistan or Syria or South Sudan or North Korea.

The last report, concerning the shooting of a texter in a Florida movie theatre, was reported by Martin Savidge and well done. Anderson and Savidge discussed the case and the 'Stand Your Ground' defense but what was really needed was a discussion by Toobin and Geragos on this issue. Maybe tomorrow?

360 ended with a Bulletin but no Ridiculist.

As I stated, Hayes couldn't beat Anderson when Anderson is at his best. But Anderson/360 hasn't been at it's best for a while. For this particular 360, I want to know why the Texas-Wright-Murder story was first and the bigger, more interesting to more people story on Christie was later and kind of buried. Viewers can split hairs about who's better but it all comes down to content.

aries moon said...

Wasn't interested in any of the topics on 360.

AC360 Later however, had some good discussions--the highlight for me was Carl Bernstein's take on Chris Christie--he spoke strongly about exactly how troubling and serious Christie's scandal is and what it says about the mindset within his administration and how he may encourage it. Some think comparisons to Watergate are overblown but Dan Savage smartly pointed out that Christie punishing his political enemies is Watergate on a smaller scale and doesn't speak well for how Christie would handle the presidency if, heaven forbid, he ever reached that level.

I was disgusted to see Mark O'Mara on the show in the Florida movie theater shooting conversation. Dan Savage was the only panelist who spoke up about how absurd and insulting O'Mara's commentary was given his work with murderer George Zimmerman. I hope he never makes another appearance--it cheapens the show (I suspect AC wants him on). Christianne effectively shut down Anderson's comment about how he felt more comfortable with the idea of a former cop being armed than some ordinary citizen--Christianne said the fact that the shooter WAS an ex-cop--someone who's supposed to be safe and smart about guns, only reinforces why gun control & background checks are so desperately needed. The other topics were lighter, but still enjoyable. A good panel--Margaret Hoover comes off better than some of the previous GOP panelists--Anna Navarro, for example.