Monday, January 06, 2014

Anderson Cooper 360 Monday, 01/06/2014

And AC360 Later was back....

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Anonymous said...

Posted my comments for todays program on yesterdays page. Hadnt seen page for today posted guess I was too early .good to see Anderson back tho.

Jaanza said...

I was glad to see Anderson back on 360. He anchored last Monday's show (12/30/13?) but I totally missed that. And it was downright odd to see my home state featured in two segments.

First, Stephanie Elam was in Minneapolis to report on the cold. Right now writing this I can't remember if she was by the 10th Avenue Bridge or the Stone Arch Bridge. Anderson asked her about throwing boiling water into the air and having it change to snow before hitting the ground (I think he was thinking of that guy Holthaus in LaCrosse, Wisconsin), Elam tried it but her drink was too cold. I did see the start of 360Later; Anderson had her try it again with a much hotter drink (coffee?) and it worked beautifully.

Just two more things about the weather
- in the video taking up half the screen when Anderson was talking to Elam, viewers saw an idiot trying to push a car (made of metal) with his uncovered hands (freezable flesh). Not a smart thing to do.
- a few other news folks tied in the weather reporting with saying something about climate change. Anderson didn't.

The second Minnesota-related story was Anderson's interview with former Vikings punter Chris Kluwe. It was a good interview but nothing new for me, having seen and read a lot on this issue already.

This is where 360 had a commercial break and I checked out Hayes, who was just starting his cold weather segment by showing the Holthaus boiling water video.

Anderson had segments on Jahi McMath with Sanjay Gupta and then Liz Cheney with John King. Both were good reports but nothing outstanding either good or bad in either of them.

Similar response to Randi Kaye's "Gone to Pot" report. It will be a weeklong series of reports and I don't know what the following reports will be like but this first one was a mash of earlier Colorado marijuana reports seen on CNN since last Thursday.

The best part of the show was Anderson's interview with former Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer (who's state legalized medical marijuana); partly because Schweitzer is a Democrat and how often do we get to see those on 360 and partly because Schweitzer was a good talker who made excellent points. For me the best points were about how the federal government can still shut it all down and the analogies to alcohol.

There was a good report about the rescued Antarctica scientists and then a meh Ridiculist having something to do with exercising in odd sweatpants.

All in all, kind of a slow news day. If it's like this tomorrow, how about mixing in a little international news?