Monday, January 27, 2014

Anderson Cooper 360, Monday 1/27/14

Anderson Cooper 360 was broadcast from Washington, DC tonight as they prepare to cover tomorrow night's SOTU, which AC will co-anchor with Wolf Blitzer and Jake Tapper starting at 7 PM ET.

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Anonymous said...

AC360 started with a touching well done professional interview with Virginia Senator Deeds &tragic incident with his sons mental health problems. In his relaxed approach Anderson was compassionate &understanding letting Mr.Creeds share the events &painful outcome. Anderson at times barring his own soul related very well to Mr Creeds & Ihad the feeling AC wanted to go over &give him a hug.! Mental illness (even here in Canada) is tok oftenswept under the carpet. The recommendations mentooned are so important &sensible lets hope they will be implemented.

Jaanza said...

@Anon 11:30 PM and Anderson - nope, it was the wrong decision to start the show with re-broadcasting the '60 Minutes' interview with Creigh Deeds. I'm not talking about the depth of grieving in the Deeds family or the quality of the report. I'm talking about viewers who expect big front-page news at the start of 360 and when they don't get it, they change the channel.

Yes, it's horrible what the Deeds family went through and mental health care in the country is an important issue but it should not have been the lead story. It should not have covered the first half-hour.

In the second half-hour Anderson covered:
- Obama's State of the Union speech tomorrow with Jim Acosta
- terror threats and the Sochi Olympics with Nick Paton Walsh. Anderson also interviewed Rep. Peter King on this issue
- norovirus sickness on a cruise ship with Elizabeth Cohen

The Bulletin had, as their second story, a few sentences on Marlise Munoz. I honestly thought 360 would have a wrap-up or conclusion panel about her. Maybe, as Geragos would note, she's not getting the ratings anymore.

Is Isha not ever coming back to the Bulletin?

During Monday night's 360 I watched a lot of Hayes, especially the first half-hour. Besides a good opening segment on the Gov. Christie investigations, Hayes covered Rand Paul's 'the GOP doesn't have a war on women and besides, I think they've won' and had a lively and intelligent panel discussion with three women. I'd like to see that on 360 or even 360later sometime soon.

I did watch enough of 360 to notice that at the start of nearly every segment, a big (covering the bottom third of the screen) promo for "The BRITS" show/film/documentary coming up on CNN soon. I love the Beatles but those ads just got to be too much.

aries moon said...

Very moving and heartbreaking interview with Senator Creigh Deeds. His son seemed to have been a remarkable person--it is sad that he wasn't able to get the kind of mental health help that he really needed. AC seemed emotional at times during this conversation and it may have had something to do with it being Carter Cooper's birthday--he mentioned his brother a few times during the interview.

Anonymous said...

@Jaanza while the Creigh Deeds interview may not have been my choice for a lead story, it wasn't a re-broadcasting of the '60 Minutes' interview. Scott Pelley interviewed Deeds for 60 Minutes and that interview aired Sunday night. Anderson traveled to Virginia yesterday and conducted his own interview with Creigh Deeds.

I really enjoyed Anderson's interview even thought I had just watched Pelley's on 60 Minutes on Sunday. Anderson's interview seemed to be more emotionally charged and riveting to me. I am one that believes mental illness needs to be addressed repeatedly until people start caring enough to take action and break down the stigma surrounding it. I would love to see AC360 Later do an hour on the topic and have a professional panel (not Dr. Drew, Dr. Phil, Mark Geragos or Andrew Sullivan voice their opinions) break down the specific issues and what can be done to address them. Mental illness has contributed to the gun violence in many of the cases in the news lately. As much as we need some form of gun control, we also need to address mental illness. I believe the Affordable Care Act is mandating insurance coverage and would like to see that discussed and what effects it may have on a very broken system.

As far as talking about the SOTU in advance - it's speculation and not news in my opinion. I'm sure CNN will be talking about it for hours on end today and tomorrow and that's more than enough. I'll watch the speech and make form my own opinions. As has been proven in the past, pundits are only guessing and are often wrong. I wasn't interested in what Rep Peter King thinks about the terror threats at the Sochi Olympics - it's just his opinion. If AC360 wanted to cover the topic more time should be given to what is happening in the region and why the terror threats exist. And the cruise ship story was a bulletin story at best. I'm glad AC360 left Marlise Munoz as a bulletin mention. The family's wishes were finally respected and they should be left to grieve in peace. The AC360 coverage with Geragos and Hostin was over the top in my opinion; same fight every night no real news value. I'm also over the Gov. Christie investigations until something new and factual breaks.

I hope Anderson does more extensive interviews like the one he did with Senator Deeds. He's good in the one-on-one interview format and it's so much better than the silly tabloid type reports and old crime stories brought compliments of the Zuckerization of CNN or the argumentative panels where you can't hear what anyone is saying - that is if you cared.

-- Jenn

Anonymous said...

I watched both the Sixty Minutes Interview and Anderson's interview with Creigh Deeds last nite on CNN. I agree that Anderson's interview was much better. Watch when Anderson interviews, how he backs off and lets the person who is being interviewed tell their story.
Like the interview with Antoinette Huff and the Georgia school intruder. I said that interview with Ms. Huff was one of the best interviews he has ever done.

I also thought it was interesting how Anderson did the same story/interview the night after Sixty Minutes covered it. Did he want to do this interview and the Producers gave it to Scott Pelley instead? Did Anderson see the finished segment ahead of time and think that it wasn't as deep a story on mental illness and the Deeds family's experience with mental illness as he would have liked?

Oh and thank you Jaanza for bringing it up. The screen crawlers last nite about the Beatles documentary drove me loopy. Its disrespectful to the person who is on the air reporting whether its Piers or Don Lemon or Anderson. Its like Jeff Zucker is saying "I don't care about these reporters and the news anymore." "I wanna plug my documentaries instead." "I want to set my own agenda for CNN."

Anonymous said...

@6:48PM: Jeff Zucker directly said he thought that the drunken tween coverage of Bieber was a quote: "good news mix."
He also thinks that the Beatles documentary is far more important to viewers than mental health, no matter who's reporting it.
That's why CNN is prone to failure.
As Roger Ailes so bluntly said,"CNN is not about reporting the News."

Anonymous said...

TVN is reporting that CNN has lost more than a quarter of their audience and although AC/360 and Later, are the highest rated programs on CNN, both shows have lost 45% and 46% of their audience, with 136,000 in the demo. (we could have 100,000 viewers watching us.)
Fox has been #1 for the past 12 years and Rachel Maddow is up 18%.
I realize that these facts are negative folks, but check it out for yourselves.
I don't make stuff some.
Oh, that's right Rachel isn't opposite Anderson....and IF SHE WERE??

Anonymous said...

11:54, all you have to do is stop focusing on all things CNN and Anderson and all your problems with them will be forever solved.

Anonymous said...

and all you have to do is stop trying to quiet opinions of people because they don't agree with you

Anonymous said...

RE: Anon 11:54

Since you are so big on facts, perhaps it would be best if you looked again at the source you quoted. Per the actual article on TVNewser, AC360 was 20% in total viewers and 25% in the demo. The declines you quoted were for AC360 Later.

I'm not surprised AC360 Later is struggling ratings wise since it gets no promotion from CNN/the Guide is often wrong because CNN doesn't update it/and the program gets pulled routinely for various reasons. It's obvious CNN has made no commitment to AC360 Later which baffles me, but then again Zucker has stated his intention to move CNN primetime to the entertainment genre vs news, so I have a feeling AC360 Later is basically a placeholder until the Zucker's plans are implemented and CNN is no longer a news network.

Also, the same TVNewser reported that Rachel Maddow was down 4% and 1% respectively, so apparently you do make stuff up.

Anonymous said...

10:32, 11:54 is not giving an 'opinion', she's working out her love-hate obsession with Anderson here. A real fan has a critique every now and then, but coming here to rant about Anderson when she says she doesn't watch CNN or 360 and has no respect for him anymore is just plain weird. Move on, forget him, he's no longer your concern. Frankly, her comments are predictable and boring. At least the people who actually admire him have some balance in what they post here, but she's a broken record and is a drag on this blog.

Anonymous said...

Re 1/27/14 reading above comments did not see 60Minutes due to change in schedule again. I stand by my comments re AC interview with Creigh Deeds but agree with other comments that quality of interview was very good to say least.Am long yime follower of his work &this interview was certainly credit to his work. Anderson has a sharp mind very aware of world around him &seems to excel at getting stories behind/people/incidents. Having him constantly sitting behind amonitor is not usinv him to his full potential he should be out more on assignment getting good news stories. I have no confidence in Zuckers direction for CNN - some specials are repeats &boring & having screen crawlers all over drives me crazy &is disrespectful to on air host. As for Zuckers comment re Bebier being good news mix only a very brief mention is needed leave rest to late night/entertainment shows. A post onATCNN 1/24/14 had some interesting posts -ond dated Jan25/15 "Ted Turner has said raise the white flag and I'll be over there in 5 mins.Get the flag ready please." With ratings so poor for Jan..this may be the solution to reviving CNN.