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Anderson Cooper 360 Thursday, 01/23/2014

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Anonymous said...

1/23/14 quite a discussion again on the issue in the Texas mother who is brain dead.Its tired always hearing Mark Geragos & Sunny Hostin going back & forth on this highly emotional issue.Again Anderson had his hands full but did a goid job to try &maintain some calm when evryone talks at once.Hopefully tomorrow will bring a solution &issue can be put to rest..Situation with Jusin Bieber was just waiting to happen he needs to be treated appropriately &not like a celebrity. Whenprogram first came on I thought Andrson looked very thin faced & his make up a little off lip color was nice tho lol. Have noticed before he looks thin in the face kir is it just me. Ridiculist was good espec the giggle fit but have to say "good ole Anderson" isbetter looking than the dummy. Artist did give itgood try tho. Why do they always change time for AC360Later its a good program &had to miss it again becausd of time difference. Keep films for week ends.

Jaanza said...

360 started with an update on the 'Murder Cover-Up' story out of Texas. I never got into that story and checked out Hayes covering Christie scandals.

Back in time to 360 to see the Marisse Munoz report. Ed Lavendera gave the latest news, info on the judge presiding at the hearing tomorrow and read part of the affidavit given by husband Erick Munoz. Anderson asked a very good question about the billing for Munoz' medical care and Lavendera stated the hospital's response which was like, 'oh yeah, somebody's gonna pay us'.
Then it was hang onto your seats for another raucous panel. Besides Mark Geragos and Sunny Hostin, Dr. Lisa Masterson was there in person and so was Areva Martin.
Geragos stated the husband's side should be considered and "This is a trojan horse for the abortion issue." I wish Geragos would have gone further with his comment about this case "I realize you get ratings on cable because of it." Wonder what Anderson thought about that. Hostin said Munoz was "ALLEGEDLY brain dead" which is ludicrous and Anderson should have done more to call her out on it. Hostin even more stupidly said "...the rights at issue are the fetus' rights." A woman saying that is just so amazing to me. Martin brought up the psychological impact on the future child (though it's questionable if the child would be cognizant enough).
Like yesterday, the discussion got heated. At one point Anderson had to shush them all and say, "No one is listening when you're all yammering over each other.
The panel ended with an argument about interpretations of the Texas statute at the center of the Munoz case.

The Mike Huckabee segment was all about a Republican saying something stupid which they same to do a lot more often if you watch MSNBC. Anyway I appreciated the montage of clips of Republicans saying something stupid. Huckabee was trying to encourage more women to be Republicans because the GOP isn't waging a "war on women, it's a war FOR women". The rest of Huckabee's speech and GOP policies for the last 50 years didn't convince anyone. I'm glad Anderson discussed this with Dana Bash and not the usual scrum of male pundits and politicians. However, it was dumb of Anderson to try to diss Democrats for taking advantage of this. Well DUH!!! Republicans would do the same if a Democrat said something equally stupid.

The segment also had news on Edward Snowden from Joe Johns. And then Anderson rather awkwardly promoted "The Imposter" coming up after 360. Anderson praised the film, asked us to watch but it felt rushed and unplanned; as if someone had just tossed a memo on Anderson's desk while Joe Johns was talking.

The Justin Bieber arrest - Anderson gave the facts and a history of Bieber's bad behavior. This is an unimportant and fluffy topic but I liked Dr. Drew Pinsky's and Mark Geragos' good and serious discussion about it. Earlier, I read on the Internet that CNN will have a special on the Bieber arrest on Friday night. I was surprised Anderson didn't mention that.

Then there were two quick reports on a California murder mystery and a fire at a seniors home in Quebec. Anderson did the Bulletin which included video of much-maligned Seattle Seahawk Richard Sherman being slapped/pushed away by the San Fran 49er's guy after the interception but before Sherman's rant. Why hadn't that footage been shown earlier?

A pretty good 360 but still no international news.

I didn't watch "The Imposter".

aries moon said...

I also watched Chris Hayes during the first 360 report--I hope the murderer is caught, but it just doesn't strike me as lead story material--I guess 360 is all about counterprogramming and not necessarily bringing us the substantial news we need to know now.

Sunny Hostin should be embarrassed by her commentary in the Munoz case but she just keeps at it--she sounds more ridiculous each day. It will be interesting to see what the final outcome of the case will be. Sunny loves to frequently throw out how she was a 'former prosecutor'--I can't imagine that she was a very good one.

Mike Huckabee and the GOP can just keep talking crazy and offending women as far as I'm concerned because it brings to the forefront how out of touch the GOP are. At a certain point during the piece, I had the feeling that AC and Dana Bash were trying to push the idea that the Democrats are the cause of the GOP now being viewed as anti-woman--surely they do realize that the GOP has done nothing but alienate and insult the very women they hope to recruit--maybe the GOP should really stop being the party of stupid. Don't blame Democrats for pointing it out.

Would people (including AC) excuse Justin Beiber's troublemaking spree if he were a 19 year old famous person of color who didn't have a normal childhood? Somehow I doubt it. I did appreciate 360 airing the clip of Seahawk Richard Sherman which gave quite a bit of context to his outburst against Crabtree--seems to me the guy deserved it!

Another fun Ridiculist as well.