Thursday, January 30, 2014

Anderson Cooper 360 Thursday, 01/30/2014

Anderson Cooper was in the AC360 anchor chair and re-"tweeted" the following....

And from AC360, a bit more about the program content....

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Anonymous said...

During the day, CNN ran a clip of all the Atlanta officials apologizing for leaving people stranded in their cars, schools, buses, bridges, and at work, because two inches of snow and freezing rain had fallen and turned Atlanta freeways into an ice skating rink.
Hasn't this happened before??
We all know that Atlanta is in the South and the South 'usually' doesn't get really cold, but it doesn't take a genius to figure out that "maybe" with the extreme
weather conditions many parts of the country have been experiencing, that this "might" happen in Atlanta.
Are you folks on this planet?
So every official the governor could think of was on CNN apologizing for being careless.
I don't live in Atlanta, but folks, reasonable people don't pay taxes and then expect you all, NOT to do your jobs.

Anonymous said...

Altho Erin Burnett gave initial Breaking News on Ananda Knox AC had fairly good report on it. The Atlanta traffic situation seems like passing the buck distinctly recall hearing of weather warning. Interview with dr who walked to hospital in storm was sign of real human reaction. Wish we had drs like him in Canada. AC &Dr. Drew discussed Justin Bebier incident hope too much publicity isnt given to this as in so many ways celebs like publicity hpoefully his life will straighten out. I understand Veterans here in Canada are also unhappy with treatment they receive.The interview with Mrs Harrison was interesting. No AC360Later again -what is goingon with CNN are they doing new dance called the slide. Maybe viewers need to take stand get ratings back on top where they belong. Does AC ever read these comments.

Jaanza said...

I've used newspaper terms here in the past and here's some more. There's front page news and page eight news. Regarding front-page news there's above-the-fold news (more important; upper half that appears through the window of coin newspaper boxes) and below-the-fold news.

Amanda Knox second guilty verdict - front page below the fold.
Politicians apologize and accept responsibility for being stupid - front page above the fold.

360 had Amanda Knox as the lead story and it was a pretty good segment covering the case and the legalities with Erin McLaughlin (?), some lawyer-looking guy and Greg Hampikian.

Going off on a tangent - I often miss the names of reporters/pundits/experts when Anderson says them quickly and they are not well known. So I rely on the on-screen subtitle to help me out. In the first segment Anderson spoke with a woman reporter located in Florence, Italy concerning Amanda Knox. The reporter's name was flashed on the screen for a nanosecond; it was something like "Erin McLaoughlin". 360 often does this, either the names are shown for a split second or not at all. It's a disservice to them and to viewers.

The second segment was about the Atlanta ice storm and the subsequent massive traffic jams. I liked it when Anderson pointed out and showed clips of meteorologists days before predicting this would happen. Gary Tuchman's report on the abandoned cars was well-done and I enjoyed Anderson's interview with Dr. Zenko Hrynkiw (his name thankfully onscreen for more than a blink).

Drew Griffin's segment on bad VA hospitals was the usual Drew Griffin segment.

Sometimes the brain needs light fluffy unimportant news and therefore, here's a Justin Bieber segment. Viewers can just sit back and rubberneck. Anderson and Dr. Drew Pinsky had a great conversation about Bieber. I was entertained by this segment on one level but also annoyed on another level because other important news wasn't covered.

The Bulletin, Anderson's short promo for 'The British Invastion' film disguised as an interview with George Harrison's sister Louise, and then the Ridiculist.

I'd probably be a lot happier with Anderson and 360 if I'd never change the channel and see what Hayes is doing. Hayes covered a few of those other important news stories not (or barely) mentioned on 360. For example, Gov. Christie's mishandling of federal Sandy funds, the myriads involved in the details of the Farm Bill and the Tom Perkins, class warfare and Kristallnacht triangle.

Maybe those are topics Anderson would have covered on 360Later. But where is 360Later? Will it be here next week?

aries moon said...

The Amanda Knox case is a total bore but I knew 360 would go all in on it when the news about the Italian verdict came out--wasn't interested.

Also wasn't interested in any biased Drew Griffin report--why hasn't he investigated Chris Christie yet? Or why John McCain routinely screws over veterans? Griffin can't touch Rachel Maddow in terms of true investigative skill, she wipes the floor with him. He IS good at making sure his 'investigations' always have an anti-government/anti-Obama slant though and that's why I don't trust any of his reporting.

360 needs to stop talking about Justin Beiber. I did enjoy AC's interview with George Harrison's sister.