Friday, January 24, 2014

Anderson Cooper Guest Co-Host on "Live With Kelly & Michael" Friday 01/24/2014

Host Chat Part 1:

Host Chat Part 2:

Travel Trivia:

Guest - Patrick Stewart:

Guest - James Purefoy:

Kick Start The New Year - Cancer Prevention:


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And a few more from yesterday's show:


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Anonymous said...

Loved Anderson on Live with Kelly again this morning. I have several French friends and Anderson's impersonation of the French people and their shrug is spot on.

It is refreshing to see Anderson in a relaxed setting instead of having to moderate the large panels that CNN seems to love with people talking over themselves. I love seeing him "stretching different muscles" where he seems to be enjoying himself and very entertaining to viewers. I hope Live invites him back again soon, when Strahan takes vacation time.

-- Jenn

Anonymous said...

There is an interesting Kelly Fashion Finder clip with AC featuring his boyfriend Benjamin speaking French but you will probably already have it posted by the time this comment goes through.

Anonymous said...

Where is that Fashion Finder clip with Benjamin that someone mentioned?

The ATA Team said...

@Anonymous 1:47, we have the Fashion Finder clip and will post it Monday morning. If you want to go looking for it you can try the "Live with Kelly and Michael" blog.