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Anderson Cooper: Help Haiti Home Emcee & A Look Back

Anderson Cooper was in LA this weekend and on Saturday evening he was emcee for the Third Annual Sean Penn and Friends Help Haiti Home event.

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And the big story of the evening on social media - Anderson put in the winning $1.4 million bid on a piece of art!  From The New York Times:  Charlize Theron’s Influence, Anderson Cooper’s Help

This year’s event, which drew everyone from Julia Roberts to Goldie Hawn, Kathryn Bigelow to Sarah Silverman and Steve McQueen to Chris Hemsworth, did not disappoint. It raised nearly $6 million for Haiti, which is still in need of tremendous help.

Some of that came courtesy of Anderson Cooper, the night’s emcee, who bid $1.4 million for a commissioned sculpture by Jeff Koons, created out of Mr. Penn’s collection of firearms.  (please click on the above link for more on the event)

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Going once, going twice ... sold to Anderson Cooper – for $1.4 million!

Celebrities didn't hold back for the live auction during Sean Penn's Help Haiti Home gala held Saturday night – especially when it came to a coveted customized piece from renowned contemporary artist, Jeff Koons.

The high-priced prize, which will be created using Penn's collection of old firearms, had Cooper reaching deep into his pockets. But, after a fierce bidding battle with Piers Morgan – who bowed out after offering $1.3 million – it was Cooper who finally took home the grand prize.

"During the auction, Gwyneth Paltrow was screaming at Anderson to go for it!" an eyewitness tells PEOPLE.   

While the host of the night was thrilled with his winnings, maybe he should have first checked in with his boyfriend, Benjamin Maisani? According to the journalist, his partner was suffering from a case of sticker shock over the promised artwork.

"I texted my boyfriend and told him I spent $1.4 million on a piece of art. He said, 'Are you f------ kidding!?' " Cooper, 46, joked to the crowd later in the night.

The evening raised $6 million in total and other celebrity guests included Chris Martin, Julia Roberts, Danny Moder, Kevin Bacon, Michael Douglas, Emma Thompson, Bette Midler, U2, Chris Hemsworth and Diane Kruger.

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Sunday marked the fourth anniversary of the day the massive earthquake hit Haiti.  Below are two of the Reporter's Notebook's Anderson filed at the time.

Reporter's Notebook at the end of the first week 1/23/2010

Reporter's Notebook at the end of one month 2/12/2010

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