Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Anderson Cooper 360 & AC360 Later Tuesday, 02/04/2014

Anderson Cooper was in the anchor chair...

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Anonymous said...

While Philip Seymour Houfman was a fine actor and will be missed by both film critics and audiences world wide, too much is being made of his "final drug deal."
There is too much in depth coverage of the how and the whys.
In his last 60 Minute interview with Steve Kroft, he seemed to forecast his own dimise and if he knew this in advance, then only HE could have prevented it.
Hoffman had a rare gift and he sought roles of flawed characters, like the priest in the movie "Doubt" opposite Meryl Streep. They were both superb and this film remains, a must see.
Having seen the Broadway production, the film was far, far better, if only because of both Streep and Hoffman who gave spell binding performances.
He was an actor's actor...now let it go.

aries moon said...

360/Later probably didn't need to make Phillip Seymour Hoffman's death the lead stories since so much was covered on Monday--any new info could've come later in the show or in the bulletin. I watched Hayes instead--once again, 360's reports just seem thrown together most of the time and I don't feel that I'm getting news that is relevant right now. Bringing the Tiger Mom back with Tiger daddy seemed unnecessary but I suppose AC is fascinated by the subject.

AC360 Later covered much of the same ground as 360 but had an interesting discussion about Dylan Farrow--Woody Allen's lawyer provided some thought provoking info about the case--I tend to believe Dylan Farrow, but some of the details the lawyer shared were eye-opening. He was much more credible than that Michael Wolff was on Monday. The remaining discussions on equal pay and raising children were ok but not particularly earth-shattering.

One more thing about Phillip Seymour Hoffman--I only realized recently that he played 'Dusty' in 'Twister'--I've watched this movie many times (a guilty pleasure) but never made the connection or paid attention to the credits. Hoffman and Helen Hunt went on to win Oscars later in their careers and probably didn't want anyone to remember they were in that movie, but I still like it anyhow.

Anonymous said...

I have recently discovered just how good Rachel Maddow really is as a commentator an anchor.
You can tell she has a law degree
because she delves into stories in a manner like no other, and she is interested in what she is discussing. She is like a dog with a bone, and her latest fascination is Chris Christie, and his falsehoods, which Maddow to her credit, can dissect item by item, and she's not even from NJ. Amongst her attributes, other than her dogged determination, and fact finding, is her analysis,
and her instinct in knowing intuitively what LEAD, story will ultimately draw her audience "in."
And it isn't what her producer wants. It's what SHE determines is of relevance.
And most of what the tri-state wants right now, other than the latest snowfall development, is Chris Christie served on a very large platter of guilt and corruption.
Yes, being a Rhodes Scholar helps her indeed, when she rattles off facts and figures of salaried personnel at the Port of Authority.
Wildstein it seems, had this job created for him and he didn't even have to submit a resume. Hm. Here we were led to believe Chris didn't know this guy, yet he Created a position for him that had NO JOB DISCRIPTION! (Now that's a dream job.) Rachel ends each segment with: "Hold that thought."
I'm on hold because Rachel spun her web of curiosity.
Can't wait for the next installment.....unlike 360.

aries moon said...

Have to agree with anon 10:22 about Rachel Maddow, she is pretty much unmatched when it comes to investigative journalism and she tends to ignore the sensationalistic stories of the day in order to focus on REAL news that has a real impact on the viewer. Her reporting on Chris Christie and BridgeGate/SandyGate has been revealing and riveting.