Friday, February 14, 2014

Anderson Cooper 360 Friday, 02/14/2014

John Berman was in the AC360 anchor chair for the vacationing Anderson Cooper....

Happy Valentine's Day from ATA!

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Jaanza said...

Friday was another night I watched more Hayes than 360. Nothing wrong with John Berman; he does his job well and comes across as a pretty smart guy. It's my same old complaint about content.

Earlier I saw Blitzer's sub (one of those interchangeable blondes) anchor the 6 PM hour. Her first two stories were Gov. Christie and the war in Syria. It got me hoping to see similar stories on 360. That didn't happen.

Looking back over the last six days (back to 2/7/14 and admitting I missed the first 20 minutes of 2/10/14), there was only one political story. On Friday the 7th and Monday the 10th there were reports apparently prompted by Sen. Rand Paul's rant about Bill Clinton's affairs and a demand that Democrats, or at least Hillary, should explain or apologize or do something.

In the past week Hayes, and not 360 as far as I could tell, had reports on Gov. Christie, the deals with elections in GA and NC, and civil rights riots in those two states, the debt ceiling wrangling and not-normal voting method, minimum-wage debates and Tom Perkins complaints on people complaining about the 1%.

Other programs on CNN cover politics, political scandals and even the Perkins nonsense. Why not 360?

Although I know all politics all the time is not what Anderson wants to do. But some of these issues are important to viewers. Also, Anderson has said many times he "won't wear my opinions on my sleeve" but it's awesome when Hayes spends five minutes in a monologue stating why the GOP Obamacare alternative is a hypocritical fantasy. It was a terrific piece.

Nevertheless, Anderson still tops Hayes in adorability. But the content of 360 has got to improve.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed the latest on Christie. MSNBC had nothing new to report.
Liked the description of the (interchangeable blondes).
Unfortunately Erin Burnett isn't blonde so we'll have to go with
interchageable Palins.)

Anonymous said...

I thought John Berman did a great job filling in for Anderson, but when did CNN become the weather channel? I guess because it snows in NYC, it's worth two live hours? It's not like it was a record snowfall. The problems in Atlanta a couple of weeks ago was news, but otherwise IMO weather is a regional news story unless it's some record breaking, catastrophic event.

I totally agree about story content being the main problem with AC360. I quit watching other CNN programs so I have no idea why they would be covering Syria and AC360 wouldn't when there was a time AC360 had John McCain on talking about Syria for nights on end. Although that was pre-Zucker and the move away from news in prime time.

Here are a few stories that would have made the air if I were executive producer of AC360 - The NJ paper that said it was wrong in endorsing Christie last fall because they knew of his bully style at the time; Syria evacuations and peace talks; the continuing resolution on the debt ceiling; President Obama signing the executive order to raise the federal minimum wage law; immigration reform flip flops by Boehner and the Republicans and stories relating to these topics. Stories like the average age of the worker that would be affected by the raise in minimum wage is 35 (not teenagers as some Republicans like to claim), etc.

Stories that I wouldn't cover - boring Drew Griffin charity scam investigative reports as if you heard one you heard them all; in depth discussion with Hostin and Geragon on the Dunn trial - daily reports a bulletin mention and then verdict discussed once it was reached - 360 isn't Nancy Grace or the crime channel, so no more old crimes, regional crimes, etc; the Baby brain segments were interesting, but would have been better but together as a special to be aired at 10pm some night for those interested. Spreading the segments over several nights caused a lot of repetition explaining the study and seemed very disjointed.

I think Anderson is capable of putting together a much more intelligent news program, so I'm not sure if it's the staff/producers are lazy and/or inexperienced; CNN/Zucker is dictating content; or Anderson is sick of 360 and needs a new program/format/timeslot at CNN since he decided to stay.

I agree that content is a huge problem with AC360 and the ratings bear that out.

aries moon said...

Many of the subjects that 360 covers incessantly, old crime stories, charity scams, medical reporting, would also turn up on AC's daytime show, which kind of points to them being the type of topics that Anderson himself is interested in. There used to be times when AC would be out and the content quality would change for the better on 360 and then he'd return and we'd get the same old boring stories. Why 360 doesn't report on genuinely relevant, significant and important news (that Jaanza and anon 11:51 mentioned) is baffling. Rachel Maddow may do a report on extreme weather conditions, but she doesn't stay on it forever like 360 does.

One of 360's associate producers routinely posts tweets of more interesting news items than anything 360 broadcasts--I'm wondering if she's ever tried to get any of those stories on the air.

Anderson said recently that he loves what he does and that it doesn't feel like work. It's become 'work' to get through an hour of 360 these days. Maybe he needs to 'work' more to improve the content of 360. AC360 Later had its problems, but it did seem that they were making an effort to find interesting topics and guests--something 360 seems to have given up on. A major news program at 8 pm should not be covering the type of insignificant news stories that 360 so frequently does.

It's time for 360 to start reporting on stories that have real national implications for viewers--maybe the ratings would improve as well.