Friday, February 21, 2014

Anderson Cooper 360 Friday, 02/21/2014

Anderson Cooper was in the AC30 anchor chair....


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doglover said...

2/21/14 AC anchored a good program. The discussion with Rep.John Kavanagh was good & Anderson didnt back down.K Yoshimo was well informed guest. Hope he will be used again. The interview with Silver Medalist Gus Kenworthy &the Sochi dogs was my favorite part of show..Anderson is an animal lover &was easy to see he enjoyed the interview his smile said it all.

Jaanza said...

Fantastic start to Friday's 360 with Anderson finally looking into the Arizona bill that would allow discrimination of gays and others under the guise of religious freedom. Miguel Marquez had a report from Phoenix then Anderson talked to state Rep. John Kavanaugh and NYU Law Professor Kenji Koshino. Anderson got a bit feisty with Kavanaugh who was bing the typical narrow-minded neanderthal. They argued about details of the bill, possible ramifications if it is signed into law and the definition of "substantial burden". I was glad there was good attention to the story; it would have been better if it was the entire first segment.

Nick Paton Walsh's update from Kiev, Ukraine filled the rest of the first segment. I would have given Ukraine more time in another segment by squeezing time away from:
- NJ Archdiocese spending big bucks on renovating a vacation home for the Archbishop instead of using the money to help the poor (Randi Kaye's report could have been boiled down to a few sentences by Anderson, leaving plenty of time for the panel with Michael Powell and Charles Zech.
- Anderson's interview with Pamela Rauseo on giving CPR to her infant nephew on the side of a busy Miami highway.
- Kyung Lah's segment on the homeless along the U.S./Mexican border.

But no time should have been taken away from Gus Kenworthy. He deserves another medal for saving those puppies from Sochi. I can't adopt one of the puppies but can make a donation to the local Humane Society in Kenworthy's honor.

Overall a very good show but one thing missing was news (even a blip in the Bulletin) of Ted Nugent apologizing today for his remarks (which got a full segment and panel on Wednesday). It would have been nice if Anderson mentioned Nugent backtracking from what he said earlier.

aries moon said...

Good discussion on the Arizona anti-gay law. Anderson and Kenji Yoshino were able to shut down the Arizona reps arguments quite easily--the law is discrimination pure and simple no matter how its supporters attempt to sell it. I wish the segment could've gone on longer--the reports on the NJ archbishop's home and the baby rescue story (360 loves these rescue/hero stories--I would rather see fewer of them on the show) seemed like local news/filler reports--more time should've been given to Ukraine and the AZ law but overall it was a fairly good night for 360.