Friday, February 28, 2014

Anderson Cooper 360 Friday, 02/28/2014

Anderson Cooper was in the AC360 anchor chair....

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Jaanza said...

Friday's 360 was excellent if you wanted to know a lot about the situation in Ukraine-Crimea-Russia. Anderson talked to Diana Mangay, Ian Lee and Jim Sciutto and then Maj.Gen. James Marks and Fran Townsend.
However, to be perfectly honest, I constantly flitted back and forth between Anderson and Hayes. For his first segment, Hayes took a good hard look at the defeat of the Veterans Benefits bill in the Senate, defeated mostly because of the Republicans. Hayes even talked to the bill's sponsor Sen. Bernie Sanders. I had to watch this because I had a funny feeling it would only be a Bulletin blip on 360.
Anyway, Hayes covered Ukraine-Crimea-Russia in his second segment so I watched 360's second segment. It was very good. I appreciated seeing Tom Foreman at the map explaining the geography and demographics of the area in general and Crimea in particular. Anderson's interview of David Remnick was top-notch. Remnick was terrific and I'd love to see him on 360 more often.

The rest of 360 was page eight news.
- big rain in southern California report by Kyung Lah
- update on the ice jams in Illinois by Gary Tuchman
- Randi Kaye report on the Oscar Pistorius trial starting Monday

And then, not page eight but the sports page. Rachel Nichols was on to talk about her interview with Jason Collins, an NBA player who came out as gay. Then a clip from that interview. Nothing against Collins but this felt like a lengthy promo for the Nichols show coming up later on CNN. And I just don't like it when time on 360 is used to promote other CNN shows or films instead of reporting important news… like the Veterans Benefits bill.

Sometimes fluffier news is alright. I enjoyed Hayes' segment on the Oscars and the demographics of who gets to vote for them (old, white and male). He had a great panel exploring how minorities and women are represented both in the Academy and in the nominations.

I've talked a lot about Hayes in this ATA post. My apologies to ATA readers who get ticked off by that. I still hope that a 360 staffer checks ATA once in a while and will take this as constructive criticism on why the ratings are what they are.