Friday, February 07, 2014

Anderson Cooper 360, Friday 2/7/14

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Anonymous said...

AC360º has honestly become a boring program. I still catch glimpses of it here and there but it is nothing like how it used to be. I much preferred AC360-Later as it was more engaging and interesting. Too bad it is being cancelled. Hopefully it will be incorporated somehow into his AC360º.

I think it is time for him to change up his show a bit. With a new CNN prime time coming, hopefully we see Erin Burnett and Piers Morgan go. I think Anderson should move to perhaps 9:00PM and have a completely different show. End 360º and start something new and exciting.

Anonymous said...

Rachel Maddow would eat Anderson alive at 9PM. She's now beating Fox....dream on.
Check your ratings data on TVN if you don't believe it.

Jaanza said...

I didn't watch much, mostly I stayed with the Olympic opening ceremony and saw Anderson only when NBC was in a commercial break.

From what I saw there was a good variety of stories but most of them didn't interest me enough to view them on the 360 website except for one. I saw part of Sandra Fluke's and Margaret Hoover's panel on the GOP and women. According to the subtitle on screen, this was due to Sen. Rand Paul saying the Democrats have to answer for Bill Clinton's affairs. So I'm curious as to why Democrats, ANY Democrat has give Rand Paul an answer. The GOP has a terrible track record concerning women and this nonsense by Rand Paul is just to distract from that.

@Anon 11:36 PM - you hoped 360Later will be incorporated somehow into 360. Funny thing is one of the elements of Hayes' show which I like is he often has a two-segment panel discussion in the last 15 minutes. It would be awesome for Anderson to do the same even if people might accuse him of copying Hayes.

aries moon said...

Now that AC360L is cancelled, maybe they can put some extra effort into making 360 a better news program. Anon 11:36 is correct, 360 on most nights is not that interesting and I find myself switching to Chris Hayes because he (and Maddow) cover subjects that I really care about and that must be true for a lot of people since MSNBC's shows are beating 360 in the ratings. Maybe they should take a long look at why All In is doing so well at 8 against 360 and maybe try to do the type of reporting that viewers seem to be drawn to. Stop rehashing old crime and punishment reports, cut back on medical 'miracle' reporting, improve Keeping Them Honest by getting rid of Drew Griffin--he's biased. Instead of relegating important, current news stories to the 360 Bulletin, flesh them out with a real in depth report. Try not to rely so much on the usual pundits and experts (Bob Baer, Fran Townsend come to mind) and seek out newer, fresher voices and don't spend forever on a story that is no longer interesting. I've noticed that AC360 hasn't covered the Chris Christie scandal lately even though there are new developments on a near daily basis--THAT'S the kind of story that they should be keeping up with, because of Christie's interest in running for president, instead we get tons of reports on Toronto's Mayor Rob Ford whose actions don't have much relevance to US viewers. Focus on stories that have real national importance and don't simply blow up stories that should be left in local news markets. AC360's story selections are mind-boggling and they just don't seem to get it or care.

Anonymous said...

aries moon made some very good suggestions.
A little retrospective on Jeff Zuckers'part wouldn't hurt.
Yes, why focus on crime? Right, it worked once so we'll beat it to death.
Anderson and his staff should sit down and watch MSNBC and say, "What are they doing that we're not?" Lots.
But I get the feeling HE really doesn't care and that's sad.
Here's one big difference at both
Fox and MSNBC: You don't perform and get the ratings, you're out.