Monday, February 03, 2014

Anderson Cooper 360 & AC360 Later Monday, 02/03/2014

Anderson Cooper was in the AC360 anchor chair.....

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Anonymous said...

Huffpost is reporting that Russian officials in Sochi where the Olympics are being held, are exterminating all dogs roaming their streets.
I find this treatment of animals inhumane on all levels and I for one, am going to boycott watching the Olympics.
While I realize animal welfare in foreign, less civilized countries, is not what it is here, I will not watch or support any team, American or otherwise, knowing that the Russians openly execute homeless animals.
It is bad enough that just today Michael Vick was chosen by the Chamber of Commerce in Raleigh NC, as a role model for an event called "The Evening of Champions,"
and our own 'Humane Society of the US' has already exonerated him and accepted his apology, and has further endorsed him for this role.
Huffpost is also reporting that "Thousands are protesting" Michael Vicks appearance at this event.
Anderson will no doubt report on the Olympics in the weeks ahead.
But I and others who feel as strongly as I do, about those unfortunate canines who happened to have been born in the wrong country, will not be watching.

Anonymous said...

2/3/14 AC360 began with report on the Philip Hoffman incident &also on AC360Later a good informative discussion &DrDrew added extra insight into the world of addiction. Lets hope all who take this road eventually find some peace. Anderson also had more on Chris Christie investigation. Am not American but somehow he seems to come across as not being totally honest. Add the Woody Allen story lots of lively discussion. Good to see AC360Later back again its a good program &look forward to it being a more regular program.

Jaanza said...

Though Phillip Seymour Hoffiman's death is incredibly sad and tragic, it's no longer breaking news or new news. Gov. Christie's radio interview about Bridgegate today should have been the lead story.

Nevertheless, the Hoffman report was very well done. First with Jason Carroll's report, the discussion with Dr. Drew Pinsky and a report by Gary Tuchman about heroin rehab and one guy's struggle with addiction.

Gov. Christie, his scandals and his accusers was the second segment. In the radio interview, shown in clips, Christie repeated that he knew nothing about the politically-manufactured traffic jam at the time. Then Gloria Borger, Dana Bash and jeffrey Toobin talked. I was switching back and forth between 360 and Hayes (who was also covering Christie). I heard Borger state Wildstein has no credibility and Toobin lay out federal investigation procedures. A punidt on MSNBC made a good point: if Wildstein was known to be "deceptive" even back in high school (where he was pals with Christie) and is a liar and incompetent, why did Christie hire him? It this point was made on 360, I didn't hear it.

I was also watching Hayes during the 'Crime & Punishment' segment featuring the capture of a convicted killer and the grief of a California woman who lost two sons in the span of 19 days to guns.

I also paid little attention to Anderson's interview with Sollecito, the ex-boyfriend of Amanda Knox. This was when Hayes had his Phillip Seymour Hoffman segment and I appreciated his interview with the NY Times film critic.

There was a Randi Kaye report on Woody Alllen, a Bulletin and a review / eulogy by Anderson to Hoffman; it was an eloquent end of the show.

I really like the screengrab photo on today's ATA post; Anderson looks like he means business!

aries moon said...

Michael Wolff seemed just as vile as Woody Allen when he was defending him on AC360 Later--Charles Blow rightfully blew up at him a few times when he appeared to be questioning Dylan Farrow and her family's motives for talking about the abuse she suffered from Allen.

Didn't care for the Tiger Mom's latest theory--I don't trust these types of studies because in spite of what Andrew Sullivan and 'mom' say, the studies are dangerous and are usually tainted by stereotypes and prejudice.

MSNBC's hosts do a better job of reporting on Chris Christie than AC360/CNN--they connect the dots and point out the many contradictions in Christie's statements while CNN's reporters are more interested in talking about how Christie is defiant and fighting back and in making Christie look like some sort of victim of liberals. Jaanza said something similar recently and I totally agree.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O'Donnell are doing an outstanding job investigating and reporting the on going Christie scandal.
And I totally agree with those that commented about how inept Wildstein is portrayed by the Christie camp...exactly, if he was such a 'jerk,' why did Christie make him the head of the Port of Authority of NY and NJ??
That's a pretty high priority job for somebody so inept and in his next radio interview, Christie should be MADE to answer that question.

Anonymous said...

Seriously that gentleman Michael Wolff on AC360 Later last nite gave me the heebee jeebies. He reminded me of Nosferatu the Vampire from the 1922 movie of the same name. Wiki it. They look like twins.

Anyone who gets a chance should watch the Spreecast from tonite. Well worth the time. Mini Cooper the doll makes an appearance and Anderson talks a little about Truman Capote and his Mom's friendship and why it dissolved.