Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Anderson Cooper 360 Special Series on Baby Brains Begins Tonight

Baby Anderson

To promote a three night series on baby brains, Anderson hosted a Google+ Hangout with CNN Digital Correspondent Kelly Wallace along with Paul Bloom author of "Just Babies: The Origins of Good and Evil."

Here's the CNN press release:

Baby Brains: What are they really thinking?

Are we born knowing the difference between good and evil? Or are we taught our moral beliefs by parents and society? Philosophers and psychologists have long believed that babies are born as "blank slates", and that it is the role of parents and society to teach babies the difference between right and wrong; good and bad; mean and nice. But a growing number of researchers now believe differently. They believe babies are in fact born with an innate sense of morality and while parents and society can help develop a belief system in babies, they don't create one. A team of researchers at Yale University's Infant Cognition Center, known as The Baby Lab, has developed a series of studies based off the simple premise that babies have this simple understanding of good and bad.

Tonight, Anderson Cooper 360° is launching a three part series titled “Baby Brains: What are they really thinking?” starting tonight at 8pET. Tune in!

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Anonymous said...

"determined young ladies" still try hard to seduce AC.

haha....Chinese has a name for women who fancy good looking successful gay men "fu nu".


aries moon said...

The 360 series on the babies has been good, but I'm sort of not certain about some of the points the researcher is making on this clip. Seems a bit iffy and off--he seems to be implying something that I'm not sure I like...