Thursday, February 20, 2014

Anderson Cooper 360 Thursday, 02/20/2014

Anderson Cooper was in the AC360 anchor chair....

For those without Instagram, this is the photo Anderson tweeted of his mother.  Happy 90th birthday, Gloria ~

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Wonz said...

I thought the content of AC360 was better for the most part tonight. However, the order of the stories was all wrong. The Ukraine should have been the lead story and Venezuela should have been second and a bigger segment. The shoe bomb threat should have finished out the first half of the program. The interview with the parents of Jordan Davis was well done but should have been the lead of the second half and the John McCain segment should have stayed on the cutting room floor. It was obviously taped Tuesday and didn't make the cut then as it shouldn't have. AC360 covered the topic in a segment and a RidicuList last month, so it certainly didn't need re-telling. All it was was an opportunity for John McCain to play grumpy old man and bash our President. For once I'd like to see Anderson push back with McCain when he spouted the wrong percentage or maybe Anderson didn't remember what he has just read when introducing the segment? Either way it seemed like someone said we need a KTH segment and instead of coming up with a relevant news topic, a staff member took the lazy route and went to the cutting room floor from Tuesday's interview.

There was plenty of news today so old news/filler was just a lazy attempt to fill air time. I wonder if AC360 paid Bravo for The RidicuList idea - the woman was Andy's jackhole of the day on the episode of WWHL that Anderson was on that aired Monday night. I wish Jack Gray would be assigned The RidicuList on a nightly basis; the ones of late have been lame.

Here's hoping that Anderson spent some time with his mother today. Gloria is pretty amazing for 90!

Jaanza said...

First, Happy Birthday, Gloria Vanderbilt!!! Ninety years is amazing, those are some incredible genes at work and I hope Anderson inherited them. And Gloria looks awesome in the Avedon photo

Second, sadly I did not like Thursday's 360. Personally, I've had my fill of Michael Dunn trial news and watched Hayes while Anderson talked to today's juror and Jordan Davis' parents. It's still a horrible story and I have much sympathy for Jordan's parents, I was much more interested in Hayes' reports .

While Anderson spent the first 25 minutes on Dunn trial and Davis' parents, Hayes covered the Chrsitie town hall meeting on Sandy relief and recovery and then the trouble caused by former staffers of former WI Gov. Scott Walker, trouble ranging from corruption to racist e-mails.

Curiously, checking back to CNN there was a 'Do Business in Wisconsin' commercial; they've had several in the past couple weeks. It makes me wonder if there's a connection between broadcasting these commercials and then not covering the Walker staff scandals. I will be on the look out for those ads on MSNBC.

The segment on Ukraine was probably the best part of the show. The truce has been broken and everything is going to hell. THis should have been the lead story.

Next up should have been Karl Penhaul's report on the rioting in Venezuela. But that came after the segment on "Dollars for Diplomats".

The "Dollars for Diplomats" report stared out well. Anderson reviewed the news about guys who donated big to the DNC being rewarded with ambassadorships even though they knew little about the countries. Anderson has talked about this before and this time he included historical examples from both Democratic and Republican presidents thanking donors with cushy ambassador jobs.
Sen. John McCain's introduction made me think Anderson brought up this subject yet again and right now simply because McCain was available for a softball interview. McCain admitted the 'ambassadorships for donors' practice has been going on for a long while, "yes it's tradition…but now it's worse…it has to be brought under control".
At the time I thought Anderson should have asked McCain if he would have done it any differently if he had won in 2008. But now i figure McCain would have had a prepared answer sounding like 'I'd make sure my potential ambassadors were well-qualified.'

I came in late to the Bulletin (was checking Hayes). So I didn't catch the whole story about the Arizona legislation headed to Gov. Brewer. Was it the bill allowing for discrimination against gays under the guise of religious freedom? Kansas and now a few other states are trying this. Earlier Hayes had an excellent segment on this topic and it certainly deserves one on 360. The last news blip in the Bulletin bothered me - at a town hall meeting Gov. Christie wants Bruce Springsteen to be his friend again. That was the story according to 360. The story wasn't about mishandling Sandy relief funds and people still angry about the slow recovery and inept state help. It was all about Christie wanting to be pals with Springsteen.

The Ridiculist was about changing your name and even though it was more cohesive than yesterday's Ridiculist, after that last Bulletin story I wasn't in the right frame of mind to enjoy it.

aries moon said...

Jordan Davis' parents have amazing strength and grace and are far better human beings than the disgusting monster who murdered their son.

Juror #8 of the Dunn trial was an embarrassment--calling Dunn a nice guy and claiming that race played no part in the case was absurd. It's no surprise why the defense wanted someone ignorant like that on the jury.

360 giving more coverage to international news is a welcome change from the lackluster reporting that has dominated the show lately. I saw Richard Engel reporting from Ukraine and it made me wonder if AC would want to go as well--don't know if CNN would even consider sending him since Nick Paton Walsh is there and doing a fine job of reporting.

It's laughable that John McCain thinks he can criticize President Obama's decisions. How can anyone take McCain seriously when he was the one who brought us the brainy Sarah Palin? AC's supposed to remain neutral but that all goes out the window when he gives John McCain a standing invitation to be on the show solely to rant against President Obama while doing nothing to challenge any of his statements.

Interesting that when 360 finally brings up Chris Christie on the show again, it's in the form of a lighthearted report in the bulletin--something AC can chuckle over as opposed to reporting on the numerous, serious scandals Christie's currently embroiled in--why is that exactly?

I thought the Sheila Crabtree Ridiculist sounded familiar and had forgotten she was featured on WWHL. I actually liked Thursday's Ridiculist, it was better than Wednesday's and I liked her attitude.

aries moon said...

There's a couple of scathing articles (by Steve Benen on & Paul Waldman of The American Prospect blog) on John McCain which make the case that his TV news status as a foreign policy expert is unwarranted since he's basically been wrong about everything and much of his expertise amounts to saying the White House isn't doing 'enough' and making anti-Obama statements. For this he gets fawning treatment from the media and treated as though he knew what he was talking about. He doesn't. Keep this in mind the next time Anderson brings McCain on for another one of his worthless rants against President Obama.