Thursday, February 06, 2014

Anderson Cooper 360, Thursday 2/6/14

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Jaanza said...

A mixed-bag of reactions for Thursday's 360. The first report about the Sochi Olympics, terror threats and precautions was well done. Anderson talked to Ivan Watson, Barbara Starr and Rep. Peter King (R-NY) about it all.

Anderson also squeezed in the news about the U.S. Diplomat Nuland who said "F**K the EU" in a phone conversation. Anderson and Jim Sciutto discussed how the Russians may have leaked this, diplomacy and what not. There were two things missing. One was everybody in the diplomatic corps should realize that ALL phone and electronic transmissions are recorded. We do it to other countries, they do it to us. Everything is recorded. Second, while Sciutto was talking, video clips of the Ukrainian anti-government riots were shown on the other half of the screen. A bit more background should have been given on that since viewers have heard nothing about those riots previously on 360.

I didn't watch the 'heroin addict story of the day' segment.

Best segment of the night was the update on the Texas "Affluenza" case; partly for Anderson's clear disgust that Ethan Couch's attorney was blaming the media for calling it the "Affluenza" defense. But mostly for Anderson's interview with grieving husband and father Eric Boyles.

There was also a pretty good update on the case of Michael Dunn, who's trial started today. He's the guy who shot a teenager at a Florida gas station because of loud music; he's claiming self-defense. Sunny Hostin and Mark Geragos had a nice calm discussion about the trial.

I didn't like Anderson's interview with Kate Coyne, an editor of some sort at People Magazine, concerning Moses Farrow's statement to the magazine concerning sister Dylan and father Woody Allen. I didn't like spending time talking to someone who's not really connected to the story. Other than working for the magazine, Coyne isn't one of the principle players in this deal.

Was 360Later supposed to be on? CNN had the British music / Beatles repeated or a new installment of that documentary. Maybe Zucker thought it was a slow news day but Anderson could have used the time to discuss the riots in Ukraine or any number of other news stories.

aries moon said...

Instead of more Woody Allen & heroin reports, I wish 360 could've covered how the GOP filibustered the unemployment insurance extension after having gotten all the concessions they wanted from Democrats. What the GOP is doing to millions of Americans who are struggling to stay afloat in this stagnant economy is shameful. This is an important issue that deserves more attention but 360 never goes near reports like that it seems--it didn't even rate a mention in the bulletin. What I did notice on 360 during some of the reports was the CNN crawl that was in a continuous loop of Obama bashing. There also were more developments in the BridgeGate/SandyGate saga that Rachel Maddow uncovered--it's somewhat understandable that 360 wouldn't want to touch the Christie story given how Maddow has been crushing it--but the news we get on 360 seems like it's from some alternate universe. The Michael Dunn/Jordan Davis trial & the Sochi terror reports are the only ones that (somewhat) held my attention.

Naturally no AC360 Later and a repeat of a documentary instead--I'm not loving the direction Zucker is taking CNN--it's barely a news channel in primetime now.