Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Anderson Cooper 360, Tuesday 2/18/14

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Jaanza said...

Finally Anderson and 360 are covering the rioting and demonstrations in Ukraine. I'm glad he started the show with this and had a good talk with Phil Black but I wish this topic got its own long segment instead of being divided into two. 360 does this a lot and I don't think it's a good idea.

Michael Dunn took up the rest of the long first segment. Anderson interviewed Benjamin Crump (attorney for Treyvon Martin's family) and then had a panel.

It was a big panel - Charles Blow, Joseph Haynes Davis, Sunny Hostin and Mark Geragos - and probably would have been just fine with just Blow and Davis. The panel started out okay and then became heated and contentious. And that's okay. Anderson should let panels get passionate and energetic instead of trying to tamp it down. These kind of panels are way more riveting than the calm, monotone ones

Then Anderson talked to Sen. John McCain about an American soldier held captive by the Taliban. I switched to Hayes.

Anderson came back to Ukraine with Phil Black and Jill Dougherty about what was going on, why it was going on and why it's important. It was a very good segment even if it was two months late.

Drew Griffin has a new topic! He had a report on lobbyists who are also relatives of Congress members. It was pretty good but not surprising. Like Griffin said when talking to Anderson, it's "old news".

Ever since Bode Miller's emotional interview with NBC at the Olympics three days ago, he's had umpteen interviews to discuss that interview. The clip of his interview with Rachel Nichols was not necessary. 360 should have cut this redundant piece in favor of a short report on North Korea's human rights violations (mentioned in Anderson's tweets for today) and a Bulletin.

In conclusion, this 360 was alright. Not perfect but better than some 360s of the past two weeks.

aries moon said...

Nice to see AC back.

Hope that horrible, loud Dunn defender Joseph Haynes Davis goes the way of Chrystal Wright on AC360 and is never invited on the show again--why replace one obnoxious and rude African-American right winger with another? There must be better conservative reps out there that they could find. Charles Blow, Sunny Hostin and Mark Geragos all were right about the Dunn case in that racism was at its core and denying that is foolish.

Glad to see the coverage of the turmoil in Ukraine leading off the show, even though they quickly pivoted to the Dunn trial.

Didn't bother listening to another anti-Obama rant from AC's good buddy John McCain and wasn't interested in any Drew Griffin report. If he ever does an investigation on how right wing groups like ALEC/Groundswell/Koch Brothers are buying elections and putting anti-union/women/LGBT/health care/education/voter suppression policies in place in several states, then I may tune in but that's highly unlikely.

Wonz said...

While I liked the reports on the Ukraine, I felt they should have been one segment and the lead story. As far as the Dunn segment it was typical CNN/AC360, instead of a better play the tape, give a report or have one lawyer on to say why it could or couldn't be used in the trial, etc. segment. The large panels are boring, especially when it's Sunny Hostin and Mark Geragos night after night. A far as Mr. Davis goes, having him as a guest did nothing to advance he race conversation, but set it back.

I hit mute when John McCain comes on. He's a bitter old man that's still can't handle that President Obama is president and he isn't. I think history shows that prisoner exchanges at the end of a war are pretty common and not necessarily negotiating with terrorists. Then again, John McCain can't identify terrorists and poses for photo ops with them, so why he should be given a voice on such a topic is mind blowing.

I found it interesting that on WWHL Anderson thought too much time was given to weather coverage in NYC this winter and yet AC360 was live in the 10pm hour Wednesday and Thursday nights because of winter weather in NYC. The WWHL appearance was taped Wednesday, so it makes me think he has little control over content these days. It's obvious Zucker is driving he bus and doesn't have a vision or a clue.

Also found it interesting that 360 was able to use the AC360 Later format and set with John Berman on Monday night when Zucker wanted to exploit the Dunn story for ratings, but that couldn't happen with the regular AC360 Later when AC was out of town. To say Zucker never committed to AC360 Later is an understatement, but then again, it was at times the smartest program on cable news so it figures Zucker wouldn't recognize the program's potential or try to support it since he's clearly stated he's moving CNN away from News in prime time.

While Drew Griffin's report was better than the repeated charity scam reports, it wasn't interesting and I quickly tuned out.

I guess I'll remain hopeful that there's a new program/time slot/format coming to CNN with Anderson and hopefully a better booking staff along with it!