Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Anderson Cooper 360 Wednesday, 02/05/2014

Anderson Cooper was in the AC360 anchor chair....

Mr. Cooper didn't tweet or re-tweet today/tonight.  The AC360 Later that was in The Guide, on the AC360 Website and tweeted about above didn't happen.  No reason given.....

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aries moon said...

There was no reason to have a panel debate with Cornell Belcher and Ralph Reed after having already debunked the GOP Obamacare scare talking point--more talk muddies the water. Just report the facts and be done with it.

I was disappointed that AC360 Later was scheduled to be on but didn't air--the shows schedule has been so erratic from the start but I thought they'd at least do three shows this week. I'd be surprised if shows up tomorrow night--I doubt it.

AC used to tweet fairly regularly but I noticed he recently just started retweeting the AC360 show tweets and rarely posts his own now. On the most recent Spreecast, he said he was going to tweet something snide to someone but reconsidered and deleted it--at least it would've been interesting and not just about the show.

Jaanza said...

I got home a few minutes before 360 started; couldn't pay much attention until the second segment. But I did see that Anderson was talking about the new "toothpaste terror threat" with Peter Bergen, Bob Baer and Nick Paton Walsh.

The second segment started with a weather report, cold and snow all over the place. However, this segment did include my favorite part of the show - while the meteorologist was talking on half the screen, the other half was a montage of cold weather including a person in a park with a happy frolicking husky. Squeee!!!

The arrests of alleged drug dealers accused of selling Phillip Seymour Hoffman the heroin was overall very good. A look at the guys arrested, a report by Jason Carroll, Toobin on the legal angles and a report on buying heroin and efforts to stop the heroin trade. I just wish Anderson would have asked the same question that's been asked here and elsewhere: why haven't we seen the same zeal and effort when the average Joe dies of a heroin overdose?

Anderson did affectively answer the question "Is Obamacare Killing Jobs?" He answered no, backed it up with facts and said the GOP spin was "simply not true". Given that, why have Ralph Reed on the show to provide more spin? Cornell Belcher did a good job representing the truth.

The report on Sochi was mostly another version of the terror report from the top of the hour but this time with Ivan Watson and Barbara Starr. Anderson and Ivan spent a little time on the readiness of Sochi to hold the Olympics and I wish they dealt more with this topic. I didn't hear anyone say anything about what the Russians were doing with the stray dogs in Sochi. As a dog owner I figured Anderson would have had a strong comment to make.

The Ridiculist had the dogs. A bunch of middle-aged men made a risque calendar to benefit the local ASPCA and someone got upset about that. Just the typical pearl-clutcher who needs to get a life. It was a cute Ridiculist.

Yesterday during 360 I was at a caucus meeting. Most states have primaries, a few like Minnesota have caucuses. I have a connection to a local candidate so I had to go. It was my first caucus and rather interesting. I got to be one of the delegates for the District Senate Convention next month and there's a small chance I'll be a delegate to the state convention this summer. Getting involved in local / state politics is something I recommend everybody here in ATA should do.

Anonymous said...

rsi"the arrests of the alleged drug dealers accused of selling heroin to Philip Seymour Hoffman was very good."
I take issue with this statement only because it wasn't the dealers fault that Hoffman chose to die.
When are we going to start blaming the person and holding that person accountable for his own actions?? He knew the effect it would have on him and Hoffman CHOSE to do it anyway and arresting the drug dealers will do nothing to solve the problem.
Secondly yes, Anderson shouldn't be making fun of dogs now in his ridiculist, but using his investigative techniques, if he still has them, to report on all the strays being killed in Russia as we speak!!
It was NEWS, front page the NYT just today....and then you ask why I am frustrated with him??
Sorry, he has become the "dummy he is using."
And yes, this is a rant and it should be posted. Not publicizing the killing of these innocent creatures does nothing to help them.