Monday, March 10, 2014

A 'Wrap Up' of Anderson Cooper's Reporting from Kyiv, Ukraine

Below are a few articles/interviews with Anderson, photos and a video from last week when Anderson was reporting live from Kyiv, Ukraine.   Please click on the links below to read the full article/interview.
From Variety on 03/04:
Anderson Cooper On Reporting From Kiev: ‘Barricades’ and ‘Bottles’ Still At The Ready

The veteran CNN anchor realized Friday night that he had to get to Kiev to cover the unrest now gripping Ukraine. “I was actually in Los Angeles and started reading about it, and we reported on it Friday night on the show, and I started discussing it with my producers,” he said in an interview with Variety. He got on a flight Saturday morning.

From The Hollywood Review on 03/06:
Anderson Cooper on Anchoring From Kiev: 'It's Tense'

"It's what I love about working at CNN, is the opportunity to be on the breaking wave of history," the CNN anchor tells THR.

"It's tense. There's a lot of concern and a lot of uncertainty," Anderson Cooper told The Hollywood Reporter on the phone Wednesday night from Kiev. The CNN anchor has been in Ukraine since Sunday, when he began anchoring Anderson Cooper 360 from the region while also providing updates across the CNN schedule.

From Yahoo! News on 03/06:
Anderson Cooper in Kiev: 'It almost feels like something out of World War II'

Last night you said Kiev is the most extraordinary place you've ever reported from. That's a pretty bold statement coming from someone like you.

I was talking about the square itself. Visually it may be the most extraordinary place we've ever broadcast. You have protesters camping out here. You walk around these huge barricades of corrugated steel, metal and tires. Bottles that were used as Molotov cocktails everywhere. This fog and smoke sitting over the city. It almost feels like something out of World War II. I was in Sarajevo and there was some of that, but here it seems to be constant.

Several "behind the scenes" photos were posted to social media; some from the AC360 Facebook page, some to Instagram from the cameraman traveling with Anderson and some from fans...


Anderson interviewed Vitali Klitschko, Ukrainian opposition leader;  the interview never made it on air, but it was posted to AC360's web page.

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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doglover said...

3/10/14 Thanks for posting the wrap up of AC's reporting from Kiev. His WrapUps are always sogood &when they include pictures you get so much extra from his expressions. Not surprised he felt the need to go &cover the problems there. AC is just like the copper bunny he just keeps going doing what he loves to do &doing it well. He is open in his summaries able to give more of an opinion than on air due to editing time etc. I think his comment "it almost feels like something out of world war 11 may not be just what viewers want to hear but it is an honest opinion. He has seen &done so much in different situations &is no afraid to get down &dirty &go where others msy not. He always has a great crew who get all the right shots so viewers get to form their own ooinions -he just gives you the information &stories of the people..He is certainly living his dream & sharing thst with his viewers &am sure 99% appreciate that knowing he doesnt let them down. This was another AC at his best.