Friday, March 07, 2014

Anderson Cooper 360 Friday 03/07/2014

Anderson Cooper was back in the NYC studio...

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aries moon said...

This past week 360 seemed to bring in a lot of guests who've never appeared on the show before as far as I know--it was good to see newer faces instead of the usual go-to suspects.

I thought AC was going to stay in Ukraine into next week but there he was back in the studio again.

Unknown said...

AC tweeted this morning that he left Kiev on Friday morning, was back in New York on Friday nite and in Portland Oregon this morning (Saturday) working on a story. Superman! I work a full time job with the State of Maryland and a 20 hour part time job with Walmart and I'm exhausted. I wonder if since he's on the West Coast right now if he will return to Russia to broadcast next week?

doglover said...

3/8/14 ACiz like the Copper Top Bunny &never stops! I hope he returns to Russia to give more reports on this dangerous sutuation. This last week of reporting has been good he hss been right at home where the action is &sogood at it. Nice to see variety of guests like to see him get variety of opinions. As a Canadian living on the west coast I rely on AC to give good news stories we dont have anyone to compare him to & without good news reporting we are just not aware of the world around &how lucky we are tobe safe in our little corners. I reallyenjoy his reporting when he is out on location..Glad he got home safe am sure we all had many prayers going for him &his crew who also do good work with him.