Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Anderson Cooper 360 Live from Kiev, Ukraine 03/04/2014

Anderson Cooper anchored AC360 Live from Kiev, Ukraine and opened by bringing viewers up to date on the events of the last 24 hours

Anderson spoke with Jill Daugherty and  Ben Wedeman

Anderson's discussion with Carl Bernstein and Fareed Zakaria

Anderson's report on Kiev's Independence Square

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Unknown said...

I just wanted to ask what did Carl Bernstein mean by saying "Russia can not build an empire with only countries such as Armenia, Ube..Uzbekistan and SOMETHING LIKE THAT"? Should not he apologize for such a remark?

doglover said...

3/4/14 Tonights program from Kiev Anderson opened by giving an update on the current situation. He interviewed several guests and was able to talk with a few people in the area &also show a growing memorial wall &a barrier that had been set up. Hopefully in next few days he will be able to maybe change location &be able to have more direct contact with those in the area &be able to share their stories etc with viewers..

aries moon said...

This is the first and probably the last time I say this, but Marco Rubio was right. The GOP has been attacking President Obama and calling him 'weak' in handling the Ukraine crisis while praising Putin. Would they have done that if it were any other president in the White House? Republicans continue to undermine President Obama and it's not going unnoticed by Putin, who is using it to his advantage (for now). Shame on them.

Will 360 EVER talk to a Democratic politician on the show about the Ukraine? They only seem to be concerned in what the GOP thinks. It was good seeing Carl Bernstein and Fareed Zakaria on the show though. I didn't know Bernstein had become a CNN contributor--at least that's one smart move by CNN.

Wonz said...

@Naira Nel, I have a feeling Carl Bernstein was talking from an economic standpoint and the comment had nothing to do with the people of Armenia, Uzbekistan, etc. Building an empire takes money and the Russian economy is not that strong.

@aries moon, I agree that AC360 needs to bring on a Dem voice to balance out the Repubs. While Rubio started out okay, he got his dig in at POTUS a couple sentences in. The Republicans just keep looking like more of a fringe party every day. If they were the true "patriots" they claim to be, they would be rallying around President Obama during this time instead of trying to score political points that serve only themselves. And they appear to have a real short term memory problem when it comes to our standing globally. Bush squandered that with Iraq and his false claims of WMDs. The international community was behind us after 9/11 and supported the war in Afghanistan, but Bush was hell bent on going into Iraq to finish his "daddy's war" that we not only racked up big time debt (which now the Repubs are worried about), have so many injured veteran's that congress doesn't want to support and we lost a lot of allies along the way. W. Bush is the one that lost us our world standing and it will take many years to regain that, if we ever can.

TV Newser has an article about McCain being a TV booker's best friend and it's crazy the amount of camera time awarded to him. The article originally contained a comment about lazy bookers, but that was removed today. Apparently McCain loves the camera and bookers love him because he never passes up a chance to appear on TV so he can bash POTUS. One thought he may have learned when he missed an important hearing on Benghazi last year because he was on TV talking about the need for more hearings on Benghazi - guess not! It's kind of sad to see a man that I once respected try to keep himself relevant, but then again he was the one that brought us Sarah Palin and the Tea Party and an even more divided congress.

Anderson is doing an excellent job on his reporting from the Ukraine and keeping less political and sensational than other anchors on CNN. I have a feeling that he sees the bigger picture - that this isn't a U.S./Russia issue, but Putin being Putin and the U.S. and other nations trying to come together to stop the escalation. This is about the people of Ukraine and their issues with Russia...