Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Anderson Cooper 360 Live from Kiev, Ukraine 03/05/2014

Anderson Cooper anchored AC360 Live from Kiev, Ukraine and opened the program with an explanation of his location and an overview of the day's events

Anderson talks to Ben Wedeman about the day's event in Crimea

Anderson's discussion with Bill Richardson and Jill Dougherty

Anderson's discussion with Jim Sciutto and Stephen Hadley

Anderson's discussion with Ariel Cohen and Masha Gessen

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Jaanza said...

It's great to see Anderson in Kiev and still reporting on the big story of Ukraine-Russia-Crimea and all of its angles. Yet I believe things today weren't as dramatic and there could have been time for other news in Wednesday's 360.

The first segment covered a lot about the crisis in Crimea. Anderson talked to Robert Baer, Jim Sciutto, Ben Wedeman, Jill Dougherty and Bill Richardson (former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N.). All well and good but I also saw part of Hayes' first segment which dealt with the same story but also featured news of politicians using the Crimean conflict to drill for more oil here and to go ahead with the Keystone pipeline; a move GOPers say will further weaken Russia. This is an angle I didn't see on 360.

Anderson's second segment was an interview with Liz Wahl, the Russia Today America news anchor who resigned on-air due instead of reporting the pro-Russia slant on the Crimea story. I had two problems with this story. First, didn't Wahl realize every story would have a pro-Russia slant? I mean, who did she think was signing her paychecks? And second, Hayes was covering the Issa & Cummings scuffle at the Congressional hearing today and I felt like I had to watch because I had a feeling Anderson wouldn't mention it.
And he didn't.

Nevertheless, I did like the smart discussion between Stephen Hadley and Jim Sciutto at the map. They talked about Putin's point-of-view and his goals.

The next segment had a great start. 360 played audio of Hillary Clinton correlating Putin's actions to Hitler in the 1930s. Yes! For days I felt like this was very much like Hitler's invasion and annexation of the Sudetenland (formerly belonging to Czechoslovakia). It was an apt analogy. At the start of the panel with Masha Gessen and Ariel Cohen, Gessen stated there were plenty of other international law violations to pin on Putin and barely addressed Clinton's comment. And then quickly the focus turned to Clinton stating Putin was a strong leader and speculating about his goals. I thought this would have been a good time to talk about history and parallels and bring out the map again. But would that have given too much credit to what Hillary said?

Anderson and Dana Bash talked about Sen. Lindsey Graham and his rabble about Benghazi causing the Crimean crisis and there was a clip of Bash interviewing Graham about this. A waste of time considering there was more important news out there.

If there was a Bulletin, I didn't see it.

On Thursday, I expect Anderson will still be in Kiev. That's okay but I'm hoping he makes room to cover other news.