Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Anderson Cooper 360, Monday 3/17/14

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aries moon said...

Bill O'Reilly was throwing shade at Anderson for his nightly coverage of Flight 370--O'Reilly said that the amount of speculation on the show is useless. I thought it was interesting when Anderson specifically asked Fran Townsend if speculating and coming up with a variety of scenarios that could've taken place in an airline disaster is standard operating procedure for official investigators--she said yes and it seemed to me that it was AC's way of saying O'Reilly's criticism of all the speculation wasn't valid. Meanwhile on Rachel Maddow's show, the partner of one of the passengers said she was disappointed in most of the coverage on other networks, saying most wasn't based on any facts and was basically irresponsible and sensationalistic--I don't think 360's coverage is THAT bad and has been informative, if not somewhat repetitive, for the most part.

Henry said...

Did anyone notice that the AC360 studio had a makeover?

Jaanza said...

Yesterday I was not able to watch 360 but today saw a few of the videos of the show on the website. All of the videos were about Malaysia flight 370. Did Anderson have a segment or at least mention the vote in Crimea?

Does it really matter what Bill O'Reilly thinks? Of course there is speculation when a disaster happens and absolute facts are few and far between. Today it appears the new speculation is all about (pre-)programming the flight route of 370.

The 360s last week all concentrating on 370 got great ratings. Many people are still intensely interested in this story so fooey on O'Reilly.

Here's my guess: something big went wrong technically, that's why the transponder and other communications were knocked out. So the big almost 180-turn was an attempt to get back to the Kuala Lampor airport but then something else went wrong and the plane turned to the Indian Ocean. However, I don't think we'll ever find out exactly what happened or why