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Anderson Cooper 360 Thursday, 03/13/2014

Anderson Cooper was in the AC360 anchor chair...

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Jaanza said...

Now it's Day Four of All-About-MalaysiaFlight-370 almost all the time on 360. While I admit it is still a big story and still slow news on other fronts, some other news topics could have been squeezed in.

The first segment covered a lot. First an overview report stating the new data - 370 might have flown for several hours after the transponder was turned off, the plane was sending info for a while and now the search area is 2200 nautical miles (in diameter? in radius? that was not clear). Anderson spoke with Jim Clancy, Jim Sciutto and Richard Quest. My favorite of these was Quest who pointed out the search is not the entire Indian Ocean but a "refined area". Quest later blasted the Malaysian government for not releasing radar info earlier though Clancy came to their defense stating they did not know for sure (and still don't know for sure) if the radar blip was 370.
Anderson also talked with Ron Brown, Fran Townsend and John Goglia. I appreciated the time spent on Brown explaining his "human interference" theory further. Goglia mostly agreed with him. When Townsend was saying "...I don't believe this was an act of terrorism..." and imaging something mistaken happening when the pilot was away in the restroom - Brown shook his head. But when Anderson got back to Brown, he asked him about the fuel and amount of flying time. Brown answered that and about the pilot responsibility for everyone on the plane.

Next Tom Foreman explained the Boeing 777's communication systems, radar, radio, etc. Mary Schiavo and John Hansman discussed that topic some more and debated/speculated more on "catastrophic event" or "human intervention".

Then it was two segments concentrating on the search for 370. The first with David Gallo and the second with Cmdr. Wiliam J. Marks (USS Blue Ridge) and John Goglio.

As before, an ending segment about 'The Missing' and their families. Anderson put names and faces on several of the 239 who were on flight 370.

To repeat, it was mostly a slow news day elsewhere. One thing that did happen, however, was the release of a study by the Urban Institute and Dept. of Justice on the sex economy in the U.S. Hayes presented this topic well and had a two-women panel to discuss a few details. I watched because after three and three-quarter shows almost entirely on 370, I was ready for something completely different.

Traditionally, CNN does well in the ratings with disaster reporting. Anyone paying attention to the numbers this week?

aries moon said...

The Mayalasia Flight 370 mystery is so perplexing, I haven't really minded that 360 has spent so much of the show covering it--hearing the variety of opinion and thoughts about it from the experts has been very interesting overall--AC has been pretty engaged throughout and that always helps the show be better.