Friday, March 21, 2014

Anderson Cooper 360 Thursday, 03/20/2014

Anderson Cooper was in the AC360 chair and AC360 was live at 8pm & 11pm ET.

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Jaanza said...

The Australian satellite photos of the newly found debris was of course the big story. Anderson, "This could be the real thing." Anderson talked to Kyung Lah (in Australia) and Jim Sciutto about the photos, the debris and the search. Then onto a panel with Les Abend, Mary Schiavo, David Gallo and David Soucie to scrutinize the new data, the new search and what might be learned from the debris.

The second segment started with Chad Myers explaining the weather conditions in the southern Indian Ocean. He made a good point on the difficulty of searching for a white object among white cap waves. Anderson also mentioned the false hopes from debris found earlier in two locations of the South China Sea and cautioned against declaring what this new debris was or wasn't. The panel came back to discuss that and other details.

Next Anderson interviewed Geoffrey Thomas (the guy from the Aussie news conference last night). They covered the satellite photos, radar, the planes and ships in the search and what the results might be.

I've never been much interested in Martin Savidge's flight simulation reports so I checked out Hayes and I'm glad I did. Hayes will sometimes have a monologue and this one was titled "No, It's Not In A Black Hole". Yes, Hayes chided Dan Lemon for that question but most of the monologue was a very smart analysis about news supply and demand. Sometimes in news the demand for new info in time of crisis and is far bigger than the news supply. To fill up the supply of news to meet demand, news (especially cable news) will have context and historical reports. Hayes, "...filling in that gap between the demand for information and the supply of it with completely baseless speculation about nefarious foreign actors and enemies and using the push whatever paranoid fury you have to make people scared about the enemy you want them to be scared about." And here he ripped into FOX for doing just that by leading credence to guesses that the plane will be used as a weapon of mass destruction against the U.S. or Israel. It was a good rant and I'd love to see Anderson do occasional rants on serious issues.

Anderson last segment was again devoted to families of the Missing. He talked with Sarah Bajc and then Paul Yin, a grief counselor helping the families. Anderson said "we've been trying to highlight the lives of the Missing" and encouraged viewers to go to the 360 website for more reports on them. The last 30 second segment was enough for a Bulletin and an announcement that Anderson would be back live later.

In any other circumstance, Dan Lemon's black hole question would be in a Ridiculist.