Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Anderson Cooper 360 Wednesday, 03/12/2014

Anderson Cooper was in the AC360 anchor chair.  Tonight's program was taped with the exception of a live report from Don Lemon on the scene of the building explosion in NYC and a 360 News & Business Bulletin....


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Jaanza said...

I was a little bit late; when I tuned in Pamela Brown's report was already in progress. Her report summed up the current situation and the photos from the Chinese satellite. Anderson then talked to David McKenzie, Jim Clancy, Jim Sciutto, Mary Schiavo and David Gallo. All of them spoke well and intelligently about a situation in which there is so much still unknown. There was lots of speculation and Clancy even admitted he had no answers.

In the second segment Tom Foreman was at the map, analyzing the area and details of the debris found by the Chinese satellite. Anderson had a great conversation with Cmdr. William J. Marks on the USS Blue Ridge. This is a search ship participating in looking for Malaysia flight 370.

It's about time Richard Quest was on 360. I saw him earlier in the week on Tapper's and Blitzer's shows. His answer to Anderson's first question, "The reality is... we don't know." A lot of what he talked about was the stuff nobody knows right now and the concentration on the Chinese satellite photos because "...we've got nothing else to go on." Anderson also spoke with John Hansman who gave his best guesses.

The most interesting segment was Anderson talking with pilot Ron Brown. Brown gave his guesses on what might have happened and how. But then he summed up saying it was probably not either mechanical error or pilot suicide but 'somebody interfered'. I wish Anderson would have explored that further instead of using the rest of the segment for yet another report scrutinizing the Boeing 777.

Very late in the show there was other news: Dan Lemon reporting on the East Harlem building explosion and a Bulletin. 360 ended with a short piece highlighting the faces and names of several of the missing on flight 370.

Given how much time Wednesday was spent making guesses about flight 370, I hope Anderson spends more time tomorrow on other news. Today Anderson could have mentioned news like Ukraine, the special district election in Florida (which several political pundits have viewed as a referendum on ACA), Jerry Sandusky's wife's interview or even Syria.