Thursday, March 06, 2014

Anderson Cooper on The Lead with Jake Tapper from Kiev, Ukraine 03/06/2014

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doglover said...

3/6/14 with time difference etc I have only caught some of Andersons reporting.itsbeen easy to see tensions are growing.Personally I do not trust Putin - his eyes give him away showing he is just not trustworthy.Hopefully dialogue ejll bring positive results as we do not need another war no one wants that. Wiuld be nice to see U S. residents have more respect &support for Pres. Obama.-less criticsm from Mr.McCain wpuld be nice obviously he wasnt elected for a reason -its so easy for politicians to criticise when on the other side if the fence. Think given situation in Kiev AC is doing a good job of keeping viewers informed. His reporting is tops to any I have seen here on B.C.