Monday, April 28, 2014

Anderson Cooper 360 Monday, 04/28/2014

Anderson Cooper was in the AC360 anchor chair....


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Jaanza said...

I couldn't get to the TV on time and saw only the very end of the tornado coverage. The storms in the south were big breaking news and I'm not surprised 360 started (I think) the broadcast with them.

But I was surprised Anderson spent two segments on Donald Sterling, the owner of NBA Clippers, caught on tape making racist comments. I heard a bit about Sterling yesterday and today it's big news not just on places like ESPN but all over. Hayes also did two segments on Sterling but Anderson had Spike Lee on. Gary Tuchman's report was well done. However, the Lee interview was the best part of 360, the guy doesn't mince words.

Because Hayes was in a commercial break, I saw most of the Randi Kaye tangent-report-of-the-night on Sterling's background. It was okay but Maddow opened her show with a much better historical report on racism in sports. Kaye's report was followed by a panel with Kenny Smith (NBA analyst) and Jeffrey Toobin, concentrating on what the NBA could/couldn't do to Sterling.

Does anyone wonder if Sterling's comments would have received so much attention if they were made seven weeks ago? Of course on ESPN but CNN, heavily involved in the 370 mystery, probably would have given Sterling little attention.

Speaking of 370, it shared a segment with the South Korean ferry disaster. Michael Holmes delivered a report on 370 and Nic Robertson for the ferry. Of the two, Robertson's was more interesting mostly due to the newly released video of the ferry captain being rescued and the outcry about it.

360 wrapped up with an update report on the storms in Mississippi and Alabma. There was meteorologist Jennifer Gray at the weather map and George Russell reporting from a devastated town in Alabama.

There was no Bulletin. As stated, Anderson's interview with Spike Lee was the best segment of the night. Hayes' coverage of the 'Obamacare microchip myth' comes in close second.

doglover said...

4/28/14 AC opened with reports on storm damage &update from Martin Sauvage. Then the dusturbing problems in the NBA &racial comments&interview with Spike Lee &more information on Sterlings background . There was an update on 370 moving into a new phase followed by an update on thd Korean ferry disaster which seems more inbelievable every report. Program closed with more weather warnings. It was a fast moving program even time for a good chuckle from AC .

aries moon said...

AC360 must have Spike Lee on speed dial whenever there's a racial issue to discuss--I don't mind, his commentary is always real and interesting and AC seems to like talking to him. Funny how a Cliven Bundy or a Donald Sterling ALWAYS turns up after we've all been assured that racism is 'dead'.

Anonymous said...

Of course racism isn't dead.
And we don't need Cliven Bundy or
Donald Sterling to tell us it isn't.
All we have to do is listen to the conservative pundits on 360 with their anchor, and we know for certain racism is alive and well and living on CNN.