Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Anderson Cooper 360, Monday 4/21/14

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Jaanza said...

Monday's 360 had a wider variety of news stories and a Bulletin. However, I still spent a few long stretches of time watching Hayes.

The first two segments covered the South Korean ferry disaster and the first one was sufficient in relaying all the latest information on the recovery effort, the criminal charges against the crew and the cargo questions. There was a report by Kyung Lah and a panel with James Staples, Mario Vittone and Cade Courtley. At one point Anderson asked Courtley if it was still possible to find survivors. Courtley, "No." and he explained his answer in further detail. If I were in charge of 360, I would have lengthened the first segment to include Kyung Lah's short but poignant piece (see at the end of the second segment) about bringing the bodies back to shore, back to their families.

Randi Kaye appears to be the Queen of the Tangent Report. She's rarely seen doing the hard-core meaty first report like Kyung Lah or Pamela Brown. Instead Kaye does the tangent somewhat-related B-side reports like the one which started the second segment. It was a look at historical shipwrecks and their captains who did or did not abandon ship. it was totally unnecessary. I went to MSNBC. Later I saw Anderson wrap up questioning Staples and then Kyung Lah's report on the bodies.

I switched back to Hayes at the start of the Malaysia 370 report because I figured the entire report would be 'they found nothing, why haven't they found anything, when could they possibly find something' and I wasn't interested in that.

Gary Tuchman's report on the teenager who stowed away in an airplane wheel well from San Jose to Hawaii was very educational for anyone who's thought about stowing away in an airplane wheel well. Because Gary showed viewers EXACTLY how to do that. Gary, "There's nothing stupider in the world to do but this is where you can do it." And the space was only slightly less cramped than the usual economy-class seat. Anderson also spoke with Dr. Robert Schoene about the temperature and oxygen supply for the teenager in that space and how he survived.

Of course Anderson was going to have a segment on the Boston Marathon but oddly it was all about Adrienne Halet Davis, the woman who was the centerpiece to last week's 'Survivor Stories'. For someone who 'doesn't want to be defined by the bombing' she's certainly well on her way to cementing that perception. I was back to Hayes.

But I did see the Bulletin in the last minute of 360. There were three news blips of stories - Al Queda in Yemen, Ukraine, Mt Everest climbs - that could have been covered in more depth by leaving Randi Kaye's report on the cutting room floor.

In some ways the show was an improvement over the shows of recent weeks, in part because Anderson covered four different news stories.

aries moon said...

The Kyung Lah piece about the rescuers and the recovery of bodies was terribly sad--they should've cut the section where the parents were wailing in grief after identifying their children though--it is disrespectful and invasive--there is no reason for the public to hear their unbearable sorrow.

Jaanza is right about Randi Kaye's reports--they seem to be just throwaways and she's also right about Gary Tuchmann providing lessons on how to stowaway in a plane--that was ridiculous--why do they do reports like this knowing that some folks out there might attempt to try it?

AC's interview with Hazlet-Davis was pleasant and he seems to really like her but I have to agree with Jaanza again.