Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Anderson Cooper 360, Monday 4/7/14

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Jaanza said...

Once again I came in late, this time by 11 minutes. Anderson was talking with Miles O'Brien and then Richard Quest about Malaysia flight 370. Looking at Anderson's tweets about 360 topics and looking at the 360 website, I can tell 370 was the lead story.

The second segment started with Randi Kaye's black box pinger report as if David Soucie's show-and-tell last week wasn't enough. This was followed by a panel with Soucie, Mary Schiavo and Daivd Gallo. I didn't pay 100% attention but it sounded like they were re-hashing various 370 angles already mightily discussed on 360. Hayes's sub (he's on paternity leave) covered the federal investigation into Christie's Bridgegate.

I stayed with MSNBC because Anderson started yet another 370 segment with Martin Savidge in the flight simulator and Hayes' sub's topic was sexism and double standards in politics - a good relevant topic which hasn't been extensively talked about for the past month. I did get back to 360 to see the panel was with O'Brien, Schiavo and Quest.

I really didn't like Randi Kaye's second report "How Wreckage is Salvaged From Bottom of the Ocean'. It felt like scrapping the bottom of the barrel just to have yet another report connected to 370.

Late in the show there was a short report on the Oscar Pistorius trial in South Africa. Anderson and his producers made time for this but not the Supreme Court's McCutcheon decision, the Afghan election yesterday or the ebola outbreak in Africa. The Bulletin had three news blips - Fort Hood shooter update, riots in Ukraine and a British royal visit to New Zealand.

The last couple minutes was devoted to a promo for Anderson's new piece about the Boston Marathon bombing victims, "The Survivor Diaries". Although I know of course Anderson will promote this on 360, it still bothered me that he did instead of making the Bulletin longer to at least mention a couple more news items.

About the ratings: Last week the Nielsens for Anderson and for Hayes were much closer except for Wednesday when Anderson was ahead by a good margin. Overall the numbers are lower from Malaysia 370's first three weeks. I believe a lot of those extra viewers have reached their saturation points. I know I have.