Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Recap of The Survivor Diaries Hosted by Anderson Cooper + More Promotional Appearances

Anderson Cooper hosted The Survivor Diaries on Tuesday evening.  While Anderson opened and closed the program and appeared in one segment when Adrianne invited him to Boston to see her new leg, much of the hour was told through video Adrianne and her husband filmed and sent to CNN.  Adrianne's is an inspiring story.  She had her life changed in an instant and through her videos showed the hard times, the good times, the joys and triumphs of her journey to dance again and not be defined by what happened on the day in Boston almost one year ago....

Opening, the bombing and Anderson first meets Adrianne Haslet-Davis:

Adrianne invites Anderson to Boston to see her new leg made for dancing:

Adrianne's milestones in 2014 to date:

The closing:

Adrianne was in New York City to promote the special and she and Anderson appeared on several CNN programs throughout the day....

Anderson & Adrianne on CNN Newsroom with Brooke Baldwin:

Anderson & Adrianne on Out Front with Erin Burnett:

Adrianne on AC360:

Anderson on the Prime Time Edition of The Lead with Jake Tapper:

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Anonymous said...

Although Ms Davis' story is an inspiration to us all, she really shouldn't have walked off Meet The Press which has a large viewing audience.
David Gregory merely wanted to point out that clues were missed because Russian authorities withheld important information about the suspects.
If Ms Davis is so concerned about naming the suspect and giving him undue publicity, which he has already achieved from Rolling Stone's "heavenly cover pose," last year, than she should take it up with Rolling Stone Magazine.
Meet the Press has a job to do and there were no guarantees given to her before hand. She asked for the favor, but apparently, it was denied.