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Anderson Cooper 360 Thursday, 05/01/2014

Anderson Cooper was in the AC360 anchor chair.....


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Jaanza said...

I was 3 minutes late to "CNN Special Report" - that's how the TV info labelled Anderson's show. Anderson was there but I wondered if this "Special Report" was going to be only on Malaysia 370. Fortunately, other news stories made it onto 360.

Malaysia released a new report on 370. I think that was Rene Marsh who related the basics and then Miles O'Brien, Richard Quest, David Gallo and David Soucie discussed it all: starting the search 4 hours after 370 disappeared, new timeline, new info on the cargo, new estimates on the plane's speed and altitude.

At the start of the second segment, Anderson brought up the cargo again, specifically the lithium batteries. I'm 96% sure Randi Kaye's report on the batteries was the same one she did about a month ago even though it said "LIVE" in the corner. I switched to Hayes and when I came back to 360 the panel was back.

Some of the officials Drew Griffin interviewed (shown yesterday) were put on leave today. This necessitated, for reasons I can not fathom, a recapping of the entire report and Anderson asking Griffin the same questions he asked before. One new element in this segment was seeing CNN staffers on the phone requesting interviews from the public officials involved with VA hospitals. The video of this was also "LIVE" according to the screen.

The segment on Donald Sterling and the Clippers centered on the legalities of the NBA forcing Sterling to sell the team. Anderson talked to Mark Geragos and Sunny Hostin. The discussion started well but then degenerated into snide remarks on a real old guy with a 20-something girlfriend and the girlfriend's spacey sun visor. Randi Kaye's second tangent report of the night was a look at a homophobic sports owner in Florida and examples of athletes themselves behaving badly.

I didn't watch any of the *EXCLUSIVE* interview with Amanda Knox. Later I regretted not watching and keeping track if there was going to be a Bulletin attached to the segment. In the repeat I watched later, there was no Bulletin.
And no mention of the new developments in that Montana rape case Anderson covered so well last year and which I requested at least a blip in the Bulletin about in yesterday's post.

But plenty of time for an "Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown" lengthy promo.

360 had a good opening segment. But the rest of the show was disappointing.

aries moon said...

I didn't watch Griffin's investigation, but read the transcript and thought he was extremely disrespectful towards President Obama. "The person in the White House now". I get that the majority of Griffin's investigations are exercises in smearing the Obama Administration, but he doesn't have to be so obvious with his disdain. Yes, the VA hospitals actions are atrocious and shameful and hopefully the President and all involved will do what's necessary to make changes quickly, but that does not negate the fact that Drew Griffin is a biased hack. He talked about how 'both sides' pay lip service to helping vets, but has he (or Anderson) ever spoken to John McCain and other GOP reps about blocking Veteran's benefits again and again? No, he hasn't.