Thursday, May 22, 2014

Anderson Cooper 360 Thursday, 05/22/2014

Anderson Cooper was in the AC360 anchor chair....


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Jaanza said...

So it was a slow news day. 360 started with the obligatory tornado report, this one in Delaware. Chad Myers had the weather report for all you Delawarians out there but personally I couldn't have cared less.
The most interesting report of the night was the alleged kidnapping, holding captive for a decade and rape case that took up the bulk of the first segment. Kyung Lah reported on the accusations against Isidro Garcia and Anderson spoke to Garcia's lawyer Charles Frisco. There are many questions about the victim's story and Frisco pointed out a few of the oddities about that story. On the other side, Anderson spoke with a victims advocate named Ernie Allen who stated the 'captivity was more psychological than physical'. The columns aren't adding up on either side, I hope Anderson reports how this turns out.

The second segment had the VA scandal report. Drew Griffin was on board as was Paul Beckhoff, an activist for vets (?). Beckhoff stated 'these problems are not new', 'the White House hasn't reached out enough' and these problems go back 'for years and years'. I wish Anderson would have asked him 'when did these problems begin, in your opinion?' One article on the internet has the VA hospital problems starting from its inception and several places on the net have asked that the VA be totally shut down and veterans simply given good private health insurance.

360 is still having problems with its LIVE icon. Ana Carrera's report on the Arizona wildfires was labelled LIVE but it wasn't. However her Q&A with Anderson probably was.

I'm glad Kristin Hopkins survived the car crash and five days trapped in the wrecked car but I watched Hayes instead.
Same for most of Randi Kaye's report on the decades-old theft at the Isabelle Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston.
The Ridiculist on the Georgia high school student using the elements table to spell out ASS in the yearbook's senior profile wasn't as good as yesterday's Ridiculist on road signs.

I appreciated the variety of news stories in today's Ridiculist. I can't remember if the big protests at McDonalds over minimum wage was in the Bulletin but Hayes had a good segment on it. It would have been great if Anderson made time for this.

aries moon said...

Paul Rieckhoff has been all over the news programs yelling "Obama bad" and saying the president doesn't care about veterans. Apparently Rieckhoff didn't hear that the President and Dems put forth a 24 billion dollar veteran's package in Feb that was filibustered by the GOP. The GOP has also reduced the president's funding request for the VA by 2 billion dollars/year since 2010, according to Paul Begala--it irritates me that most are blaming the president for the entire VA mess and ignoring what he's tried to do to improve the system and help vets. It's a shame that the President is being cast as the veteran-hating villain by AC and much of the media when it's the GOP who have continuously hurt vets.

360 took a big hit in the ratings on Wednesday. I'm NOT sorry to hear it this time around.

Randi Kaye's reports on 360 these days have been a total waste of airtime. It's nearing summer and I guess no one feels like really working.