Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Anderson Cooper 360 Wednesday, 05/21/2014

Anderson Cooper was in the AC360 anchor chair....


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Jaanza said...

I got home late and it was :24 past the hour when I finally turned on 360. Anderson was in the Donald Sterling segment, a clip of his interview about 10 days ago with Sterling was shown with the LIVE label and Toobin covered the legal aspects of this story.

Judging by Anderson's tweets, the VA hospital scandal was the lead story. There are several good articles around the internet on this story which bring up the funding element - decreased funding and increased need from more vets - and this was also brought up by many commenters. I hope Anderson touched upon this today.

There were two good but short reports on new info on the Boston Marathon bombing and the GM recall. Anderson introduced the topic of the GM recall and then spoke with Poppy Harlow for details. Although the LIVE icon was there while Anderson and Harlow talked, the glip between Anderson's intro and his first question to Harlow made me think the Q & A was taped.

My favorite segment (of the 36 minutes of show that I saw) was the NFL lawsuit one. Former football players are suing the NFL for wild and probably incompetent use of painkillers given to players so they'd be able to play. Jeremy Newberry gave a great interview. This was a different and interesting segment; the only irk in it was the clip of Mike Golic which was labelled LIVE and no it wasn't.

The segment on Washington state guy Goodman with the 7 DUI convictions resulting in a one-year 'work from home' sentence was intriguing personally.
Five years ago I was on jury duty and sat on a case that was almost a DUI. The guy was charged with Failure to Test and Driving with a Suspended License. In short, he said 'yes, I was a bit intoxicated but I had a prior DUI so I wasn't the one driving'. Stacked up against the police testimony, we the jury decided he was lying and actually was driving. After the case was over, the judge asked us to return to the jury room because he wanted to talk to us. There the judge thanked us for our decision and revealed to us that the guy didn't have just one prior DUI, this was his FIFTH DUI or DUI-related conviction. The news about his other convictions were not allowed in court.
Although we weren't involved in the sentencing portion and most juries aren't, I wondered about Goodman and if his cases were ever decided by jury.

This show had a Bulletin and a Ridiculist. The Ridiculist was actually amusing, i loved the Boston road signs.

aries moon said...

Too bad Anderson is only interested in talking to Republicans who weren't interested in veteran's issues prior to sensing blood in the water for President Obama and Democrats and who only want to amp up the VA mess to score political points against Dems and the president. I'm not trying to say that the President has no responsibility for what's happened at the hospitals but it's a much larger issue that AC and Drew Griffin don't have the desire to delve into--they both have a problem with this particular POTUS and that has been evident for a long time. Rachel Maddow and Chris Hayes don't let POTUS and Shinseki off the hook but they also talk about the larger issues that have contributed to bogging down the VA system for years and years. Chris Hayes had Sen. Bernie Sanders on and he said that Republicans wouldn't sign on to a 24 billion dollar package that would've gone to help vets and the VA hospitals, but the Republicans filibustered it--AC and Griffin have all but ignored how the right has treated vets and have done nothing but make snide accusations about President Obama's response to the crisis. These are the times I really dislike 360.

AC and Griffin must be pissed that Jeff Zucker is not going to cover the Benghazi 'trial' unless some real news comes out of it. I'm sure they would've loved an hour filled with Obama scandals, much like Fox News would.