Thursday, May 29, 2014

Anderson Cooper Talks to UCSB Survivor Nick Pasichuke & Television Icon Dick Cavett

"I want to remind people that people survived." - Nick Pasichuke


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Jaanza said...

I was three minutes late to Thursday's 360. Anderson was already well into the topic of Sterling, the Clippers and the possibility of a sale to a former Microsoft executive. I'm glad I stayed with the segment because in the panel with Jeffrey Toobin and Stephen A. Smith (from ESPN), Smith brought up a point I made yesterday. Smith stated that by joining the NBA you have to agree to their rules and regulations. And the NBA has the right to throw you out if they don't like you. Toobin and Smith also discussed the price for the team, the legality of the rant recording and Sterling's point of view.

A phone call made me miss the start of the VA hospital scandal segment. But what I did see looked a lot like yesterday's. A report, a talk with Drew Griffin and a panel with two white guys. One of the white guys was David Gergen, the other was Rep. Jeff Miller (R-FL). Miller said the problems had nothing to do with funding, '...the VA health system has more money than they can spend." Really? That's not what I'm hearing. Anderson didn't challenge him on that point. The rest of the time was again the usual blather we heard before.

Someone else should post a rundown of Thursday's show because here again I missed the start of a segment. I was checking on that other news program and got back to CNN when Anderson was interviewing the Santa Barbara rampage survivor. I noticed this interview was not labelled LIVE and neither was the interview with Rodgers family spokesman Simon Astaire.

Missing the Brad Pitt assault was a deliberate choice. I just didn't care. When I got back the Bulletin was in progress and the last blip was on the increase of measles outbreaks in the U.S. That's a topic that deserves a full segment. Sanjay Gupta should get started on it right away.

If you've read this far, thank you. However I'm about to go off on a tangent and prattle on. Late in the show Anderson showed a clip from the CNN special 'The Sixties'. It was from an early Johnny Carson 'Tonight Show' (and it was labelled LIVE). It was the famous clip of Ed Ames throwing a tomahawk at a figure on a board and the tomahawk sticking high between the figure's legs. Carson joked, "I didn't even know you were Jewish."
I had to ask my DH who the actor was. I couldn't figure out if he was Fess Parker (who was Davy Crockett) or was he someone else. DH, already on the computer, looked it up. The actor was Ed Ames and he was the native-American on 'Davy Crockett' and that's why he and Carson were throwing tomahawks.
Oh, I said, was he actually a native-American? Nope, he was actually Ukrainian and his real name was something no one in 1950's Hollywood could pronounce. And he really was Jewish.
This discussion with DH prevented me from paying any kind of attention to the Dick Cavett interview.

The last minute and a half in the show had an update on the Clippers sale. But I still wasn't paying attention; DH and I were talking about the actor Anthony Quinn. Quinn was Mexican and Irish and acted in roles portraying a native-American, native-Alaskan, Greek, Italian, Arabian and yes, even Mexican.

Someone else around here will have to fill in on the parts of 360 I missed. Or not. You could just write about what ethnic roles Anderson could be in a movie. So far I've got Irish or Swedish.

Maybe Canadian.

aries moon said...

Skipped AC360's VA discussion. Funny how David Gergen is always taken out of mothballs to rant against the Obama Administration after being MIA on 360 for months on end. Where's Paul Begala? Chris Hayes and Rachel Maddow hit it out of the park with their examination of the VA crisis--Hayes said simply getting rid of Shinseki probably won't get to the root of the problems at the VA facilities. Maddow finally hit the GOP hard on their phony grandstanding and said that Sen. Bernie Sanders will be re-introducing the Vets bill that the GOP filibustered back in February. It's put up or shut up time for the GOP. It will be interesting to see how AC360 will cover the VA story if the GOP once again fails to support veterans in the same way they're now demanding of President Obama. Hayes had on Jon Soltz, a vet who served two terms in Iraq--unlike Paul Reickhoff, Soltz wasn't shy about stating that the Republicans have done NOTHING for vets except make their lives more difficult. Soltz probably wouldn't be welcome on AC360.

Fun interview with Dick Cavett.

aries moon said...

Nothing to do with funding? Really Flake? How are you going to run a system well if there aren't enough facilities/staff to support the huge number of vets who need service? As Jaanza says, Flake's opinion isn't shared by many, other than Republicans.

Anonymous said...

Having watched the CNN version of the "Sixties" and I use the word 'version' because that is exactly what we got, an "edited" version of what the "knuckle heads" at CNN thought the 60's was about.
Was it me or was this program really lacking in taste, including the Johnny Carson segment with his not so funny joke about the Jews?
I lived through the sixties and where in the world was the most topical cultural show with Goldie Hawn, "Laugh-in?"
Let's rehash this, CNN. The ONLY
relevancy in the 60's was television, and its ability to provide 'family unity?' Hm....Why do I get the opposite feeling about the word unity, by the year 1968?