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What's on Your Mind? 5/27/14

Going forward we will not be publishing nightly AC360 posts. Instead we will have discussion posts once or more a week (depending on response) for readers who wish to share opinions and discuss AC360, Anderson, CNN, etc. 
The ATA Team will continue to post extras as we have been; including Anderson's 60 Minutes reports, special appearances, interviews we find interesting on AC360, retros and anything else we find or readers send our way.  If Anderson does field reporting we will cover that as we have in the past, it's just the nightly 360 studio posts that are going away. We encourage readers to comment and share opinions on any and all posts.

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Jaanza said...

What Anderson-related topics do I want to discuss? Hmmm... the question makes me want to read 'Dispatches from the Edge' again for interesting details to highlight here. That will have to be sometime in the future. Right now I'm 3/4 done with another good book 'Sycamore Road' by John Girsham, who Anderson has interviewed on 360 as part of a post-Katrina show.

I came here mostly to report on Tuesday's 360. It covered the stabbing/shooting in Santa Barbara CA for a bit more than a half hour. The best part was Anderson's interview with Richard Martinez, father of Christopher who was killed in the rampage. Martinez had an awesome rant about politicians calling and expressing condolences which only made him angry. Martinez wants the politicians to DO SOMETHING!!! To make changes so this sort of thing becomes less and less likely. I really liked Martinez, his raw display of emotions from grief to anger.

The interview with Martinez was not LIVE. Someone on the 360 staff was conscientious enough to turn off the LIVE icon during this interview. However the LIVE icon stayed on during Kyung Lah's rampage timeline report (not LIVE) and Gary Tuchman's 'heroes who helped' report (not LIVE).

The background and motives panel with Dave Cullen and Kris Mohandie was pretty good.

Anderson had a segment on Sterling and the Clippers and a panel with Jeffrey Toobin and Brian Todd on the upcoming, possibly forced, sale. However, most of this time I was watching Hayes because he was covering Obama's comments on Afghanistan and reducing the number of troops there.
When I got back to 360, Anderson was addressing this topic. His segment included a clip of him in Afghanistan a few years ago talking to soldiers. This clip was labelled LIVE.

At the end of the show Anderson wrapped up the 'Santa Barbara Rampage' news with a wrap-up report and video montage of the mourning and remembrances. It was very well done but it was not LIVE even though the LIVE logo was on the screen.

Until I can get to Anderson's book or one by his mother, I'l ask this here and now. Are my rundowns of the show helping anyone? Is anyone else bothered by not LIVE segments or clips being labelled as LIVE? I could see how the rundowns could be useful for anyone who's missed a show but noticing the LIVE icon just might be my own little quirk.

Phebe said...

I for one do hope you continue your rundowns of 360. I 'watch' with my finger on the FF button and sometimes you catch something I've missed.

aries moon said...

The interview with Richard Martinez was heavily edited possibly to avoid too many mentions of gun control and the NRA--there was some criticism of CNN's Deb Feyerick the other day over her handling of a discussion of the UCSB shootings--she wouldn't allow the panelists to bring up gun control or the NRA--so it may not be only politicians cowering in fear of the NRA and their backers. Martinez's anger is understandable but the NRA has a stranglehold on the GOP and some Dems--a vote for comprehensive background checks would've passed the Senate if it weren't for the ridiculous 60 vote rule that's needed to stop a filibuster--still, the House would've never passed it. It's a shame that it's gotten to the point that some reporters can't be real and talk about the REAL problem of too many guns and how background checks and gun control needs to be strengthened and politicians need to stop bowing to the NRA. AC didn't mention that at all and he should've but is probably being told not to by the bosses. Mental health is important to discuss but it's not the main issue and everyone's trying to avoid that it seems.

Can't blame ATA for not wanting to do the nightly 360 posts any longer--I watch 360 every night, still have some admiration for Ac, but am disappointed with him and CNN in general most nights.

The Anderson-related topic I'm interested in discussing is why he continues to stay with CNN! He's explained it and I get some of his reasoning, but it seems like such a waste and CNN's changed a lot and their overall journalism has deteriorated. He'd be better off sticking with 60 Minutes.

Anonymous said...

It must have been time consuming to cover the 360 show every night. I def. think you shouldn't do it. Everyone can watch 360 if they want to or go to the ac360 site to watch the video or go to itunes to watch the podcast.

Dave Cullen said...

Hi, thanks for the rundown, and the mostly thumbs-up on my segment. :)

(BTW, I get so used to knowing who Dylan Klebold is, I neglected to mention that he was the Columbine killer when I showed his journal pages! Do most people remember his name, and/or was it obvious from the context? I just watched the segment for the first time this morning. It's scary to watch myself.)

I can provide a little insight into why the Martinez interview was heavily edited. Anderson told me it was 40 minutes long, so they could only fit a fraction in to their format. Martinez knew they would just be excerpting, and I spoke to a family member of his, and they were happy with what was used.)

BTW, there is a HELL OF A LOT going on on the set in the two minutes I was prepping to go on during commercials, and AC is incredibly . . . not just calm, but tranquil and kind of exuding a calming atmosphere. I've done his show twice now, and he's great at setting me at ease. Each time he's started by just chatting, making me feel comfortable, and then easing right to the content, brainstorming options of what we can discuss--all in 2 minutes, and all calm, and then he plunges right in, confidently. I'm not sure how he does it.

Anonymous said...

I don't have cable so I looked forward to the nightly 360 reports. I mean after all it is what Anderson does. He's thee anchor for 360 so if you don't have that what do you have? I know it must be difficult to take a screen cap and summarize what he reported night after night at such late hours to boot. I really hope you all at ATA would reconsider this particular decision. After all if you don't post about 360 what's the point of the website and the namesake? All of what he is is what he does and that is be the anchor of 360...If it's too much trouble to do the 360 rundowns for someone in particular maybe you can appoint someone who is willing and able to do it without it being a hassle for them??? This site has always been the go to site for literally All things Anderson. If you take out the 360 roundup what do you have? Some things Anderson? lol Fans love this site, me included. If I had cable I sure would volunteer to do the round up if no 1 else wants to do it I'm always up late anyway...I really do hope you all would reconsider.

Anonymous said...

To Jaanza your rundowns are pretty good and do help, with the exception of when you talk about Hayes. Being that this a site for Anderson, I mean ya knowww... lol Like I said in another post I don't have cable so it really does help to know what is happening on 360 until the transcripts are available. That's another reason I hope ATA keeps the nightly rundown of AC360 I like that they show a screen cap of AC and the transcript link after the rundown. It's always nice to come here and see that, I for one will miss it and like I said if I had cable I would volunteer to do the rundown, if no one else wanted to do it. ATA should do like during NFL season, have a draft to pick who actually WANTS to do the nightly 360 summary lol.

Anonymous said...

I watch AC360 every night and still enjoy it. I will admit though that it can be a little stale at times. I also think the Ridiculist is in poor taste on many occasions. I miss AC360 Later. It was so much better than Chicago Tonight with Don Lemon - who I think should be moved to HLN. I am also sick of the constant Anthony Bourdain reruns. I enjoy this blog very much. AND one more thing - Jaanza please stop talking about Chris Hayes. I don't like him, but I'm happy you found a show you like. This blog is for Anderson.

aries moon said...

Interesting behind the scenes insight from Dave Cullen--I guess Martinez didn't mind the editing on AC360 because he was still able to get his message across on the NRA, background checks and gun control on MSNBC's The Last Word with Ari Melber subbing for Lawrence O'Donnell--but even there he was a bit more subdued than he was when he made his first public statement--he said something about how "crazy" the NRA and many gun rights supporters are but he said that would not stop him from speaking out.

As frustrated as I get with Anderson and the content of AC360 at times, I do agree with Dave Cullen that AC is calm and confident and does his job well--360's had some fine subs for AC when he's out but it's never quite the same or nearly as compelling to watch.

Anonymous said...

@Dave Cullen, thanks for the comments and bit of behind the scenes insight. I have enjoyed both of your appearances on AC360 and it's always an informed, intelligent conversation. Something that is sometimes lacking on AC360 as Zucker moves CNN content in a new direction.

I agree with Anderson about not reporting on the various shooters. They may be dead, but there are other would be and copycat killers that are motivated by the amount of media attention they receive.

I really liked Anderson's interview with Richard Martinez and it's too bad more of it didn't air, but I get time constraints. I thought Martinez had an important message to politicians about don't call and offer condolences, but rather do something to try to prevent an incident such as this from happening again. While mental health issues are often involved, everyone knows the almighty NRA is the one preventing anything from happening legislatively. Chicago tried to ban the sale of guns and it was overturned in court and now they are looking at severe restrictions on gun sales, but until there are nationwide, uniform laws not much is going to change. The majority of guns used in shootings in Chicago come from out of state. The fact that people can buy guns and ammunition over the Internet is really scary to me.

@AriesMoon your question of why Anderson really stayed at CNN is one many people are wondering. We will probably never know what other offers he was made and what kind of contract he ended up with at CNN (nor is it really any of our business), but I'm guessing CNN made him an offer he couldn't refuse and/or promises they may not be keeping.

@Anon 12:25 I guess my question to you would be how helpful the most recent AC360 nightly posts were to you. Other than a new screen grab of Anderson each night, the program content can be found by following AC360 on Twitter. They tweet the show live each night and in much greater detail than what we were including. Perhaps if things change with the studio program or new people are interested in helping with the blog, we MAY be open to revisiting our decision to end the nightly AC360 studio program posts. We will continue to post interviews and content we find or thing readers will find interesting and you can always request a particular interview or segment be clipped and loaded to the blog by leaving a timely request in comments.


Anonymous said...

Anon 12:25 360 and Anderson has changed over the years, not only through content, but also focus. Anderson used to say "we don't take sides", but over the last year or so that has definitely changed and not for the good - Anderson, Drew Griffin and many on 360 have gone to the Right in their comments and reporting and that is one reason I watch the first few minutes to see what the topics will be and decide if I will watch. Don't get me wrong I find Anderson to be a great reporter when he is in the field or covering breaking news, but the nightly Right leaning topics and reports are just getting to be too much.

As for Jaanza talking about Chis Hayes I find it helpful to see how others present the same topics and I have to admit I do watch Chris Hayes for that reason once in awhile.

While I know 360/CNN/Anderson can't go back to the way it was after Katrina or during Planet in Peril I just wish some glimmer of those days would show up on a regular news night.

Anonymous said...

If any interview is "heavily edited" there is a reason and the reason 360 does it IS because they do NOT favor gun control.
It is the reason Piers Morgan was fired...have we all forgotten??
And as for AC's "interview" with
Richard Martinez, Mr Martinez should have said a big 'NO' to Anderson and given his real interview to Brian Williams or anyone who was OBJECTIVE.
If we edit something it is not objective and this man had the right to criticize the NRA as much as he wanted after the loss of his son.
The NRA is running and ruining this country and to pander to those that lobby as CNN does, with the help of Anderson, is doing no good whatsoever.
Sorry, this will keep on happening until there is a march on Washington and people march in droves, demanding action from this
"laughable" Congress.
@Jaanza: I applaud you for watching MSNBC and being honest enough to admit it. More power to you.

aries moon said...

AC360 and CNN's shift to the right is definitely a turn-off. I wasn't about to watch AC, Drew Griffin and Paul Reickhoff take hits at the Obama Administration again over the VA mess--especially not when AC doesn't seem to want to allow other perspectives on the show--Maddow had Reickhoff on doing his usual "Obama Administration bad" schtick (he comes off as kind of a famewhore and drama queen in some ways) but at least she brought in Sen. Bernie Sanders to counter Reickhoff. Anderson doesn't seem to want liberal or independent voices on 360 UNLESS they are critical of the Obama Administration. And speaking of Reickhoff, he likes to rant about how POTUS is 'clueless' and not paying attention to what's happening to vets, but has HE been paying attention? If he had been, he would've been aware that President Obama and Democrats proposed 24 billion in additional funding for veterans and the VA system that would've provided 27 more medical facilities to ease the burden on the VA hospital system--how is that not being aware?? Reickhoff likes to proclaim that 'both sides' of the political aisle are the problem but seems totally clueless or purposely blind to the fact that it's been the GOP who have screwed over vets non-stop and POTUS and the Democrats have tried to fix some of the problems only to be blocked by the GOP.

Anonymous said...

The NRA should not be more powerful than the office of the Presidency and if it is, than something is very wrong with the way in which this country is governed.
The GOP tried to quiet the First Lady because she wanted to add nutritional meals to the school lunch programs, and they almost got away with it.
"This blog is for Anderson."
Wrong. This blog SHOULD be about the "News and the way in which Anderson covers it."
I for one, don't care how many times AC sees Madonna in concert or whether He walks Molly or he doesn't walk Molly.
It should be about relevant issues and topics that need further discussion like the two I've mentioned above.

doglover said...

Doglover 5/3/14 Past few days have missed checking the blog &am sad to see it will not be reported every day butcan understand the work involved. Have been follower&supporter of AC for long time &throigh difficult time in my life his life/work proved to be a real inspiration to me. I watch him every night here in BC Canada. Like many others I often wonder why he staydf witb CNN but am sure he had his reasons.Often feel he is being limited or muzzled in what he reports &at times seems discouraged. Really enjoy him when he is on assignment/doing specials/60 Minutes then he is more relaxed &I to the interview even AC360Later in all his personality really shows. He has a sharp quick mind &gets to the right questions often not giving up easily..Cant compare him to Hayes etc to date have to get stations & time slots forherein BC.. This blog is for AC & as long as we are positive/ supportive it is great to continue &enjoy other poinrs of view dont know if AC ever reads it or not but amsure he appreciates our timeetc. Yes CNN is disappointing lately & AC &.others must find it frustrating..Who wants to watch Bourdain all evening? -surely to goodness there can be more chpice. Regardless of so called "Breaking News" AC always comes on air giving a calm relaxed appearance which I am sure he conveys to his co-workers. I for one appreciate everyones comments . I find your politics interesting & wide variety ofnews etc as we certainly dont get that here...I guess one criticism is that some stories etc are too dragged out to often. Like the background onAC work etc. Like to say this is a good site hope you continue best as you can. Appreciate that allcomments are kept inline
So often on SM we see so many rude inappropriate comments. Thanks for keeping it clean & enjpyable much appreciated..