Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Anderson Cooper 360 Live From Baghdad, Iraq Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Anderson anchored AC360 Live from Baghdad, Iraq again tonight.....

AC360 Transcript
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Jaanza said...

It's Tuesday and Anderson is still in Baghdad. I really liked his first report, a good look at the current situation including seeing Anderson out on the streets talking to ordinary people (like that shoe seller). Nick Robertson and Arwa Damon are also in the country and gave their perspectives. It was interesting to hear about the different spins being put on the killing of Sunni prisoners at the police station.

Randi Kaye had a profile of Nuri Al Maliki and then Anderson spoke with Kenneth Pollack and James Jeffrey about ISIS and other militant groups, the Iraqi Army / Shia response and the probability of ISIS taking Baghdad. I wish that last point (ISIS in Baghdad) was discussed further, 360 could have a panel covering just that.

I missed most of the Benghazi guy arrest segment.
I was also distracted during most of the segment covering foreign fighters in ISIS.

The best segment was Anderson questioning Tony Blair, former Prime Minister UK. Thanks ATA, for posting the video (if any readers here haven't seen it yet, watch it. It's the second to last video clip). Anderson asked good tough questions but Blair kept firm in his belief the 2003 invasion did not cause the current almost civil war. It's all sectarian violence with nothing to do with western interference. Blair speaks very well but seems to be a bit delusional.
However, not as delusional as Dick Cheney. Gawker has posted a Wall St. Journal editorial he penned with daughter LIz. Maybe the news media tomorrow will dissect, analyze and debate it. Or maybe it will be ignored. Just this one note for ATA readers: the Cheneys diss Obama for causing / allowing the slaughter of thousands of Iraqis by the hands of ISIS. Not a word about the estimated half million Iraqis killed in the years of the war Dubya waged.

I love the screen grab photo at the top of today's post. Anderson looks like he means business.

aries moon said...

I was surprised how tough Anderson was with Tony Blair, he really pushed and challenged him about his stance on Iraq--if only AC would do that more often. Rachel Maddow did a report on how the neocons who were so wrong about Iraq are beginning to get pushback from the media and reporters--Erin Burnett's been making some news on that front and now AC--the next logical step would be to stop booking these folks, but that probably won't happen. Dick and Liz Cheney are two of the most vile people on earth--I hope they are appropriately ripped apart for their nasty, dishonest OP-ed. Republicans have become rabid in their hostility towards President Obama that they can even find something wrong with him bringing home a POW and taking down a suspected Benghazi terrorist.