Thursday, June 19, 2014

Anderson Cooper 360 Live From Baghdad, Iraq, Thursday, June 19, 2014

Anderson Cooper anchored AC360 Live from Baghdad, Iraq...

AC360 Posted these behind the scene photos to Instagram and Twitter on Wednesday  ~

AC360 Transcript
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Jaanza said...

I'm happy to see Anderson reporting from the field, that's where he does his best work . It's just that I'm getting a little burned out on the all-Iraq shows.

When I got to 360 it was five minutes in and Anderson was talking with Nic Robertson. Jim Sciutto, Jim Acosta and Arwa Damon were there also to discuss the ISIS takeover of a Saddam-era chemical weapons plant, Al-Maliki and Obama.

The second segment was more of the same without Sciutto and Acosta. Robertson and Damon profiled the insurgents and Lt.Gen. Mark Hertling discussed the 300 military advisers going to Baghdad, what they could do and most importantly, will that plan work?

Next Christiane Amanpour and Bobby Goush covered Al-Maliki, his support (or lack thereof) in D.C. and Baghdad and his future. Although it was a short somber report, I liked seeing Anderson's report on the deaths of ordinary Iraqis and hope he's able to do more reporting on what the everyday citizens of Iraq are going through.

The best segment was Anderson's interview with Richard A. Clarke on the Al Queda threat. Before the commercial break before this segment, Anderson mentioned the Cheney op ed and he did ask Clarke about it. Clarke said 'he's a hypocrite' and I was hoping for more on this topic. But the questions went in a different direction, asking about Al-Maliki and forcing democracy in Iraq. Clarke was able to say the invasion never should have happened and I wish Anderson let him expand on that.

The only non-Iraq segment (not counting the Bulletin) was a short Q&A with Sanjay Gupta about workers at the Center for Disease Control accidentally being exposed to anthrax.

No doubt Iraq is big news and I know Anderson will be there Friday. However, next week I'm hoping he's back in NYC and reporting on a wider variety of news.

aries moon said...

Nic Robertson seemed to have a good handle on the condition of the chemical weapons that are now in the hands of ISIS--still fairly dangerous but old and not as big of a threat.

General Mark Hertling had some good insight on what the special forces and military advisers will be able to accomplish when they arrive in Iraq and why their presence there will be a morale booster for the Iraqi fighters.

Richard Clarke had some refreshingly blistering words for Dick Cheney and his criticism of the Obama Administration's plan for Iraq--totally agree with him that Cheney is a 'discredited hypocrite' who no one should listen to.

360 seems to be a much better and more focused show when AC is out in the field--sometimes I can't get through an entire studio broadcast, but the reporting from Iraq has been top-notch and engrossing with wide-ranging discussions and guests.