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Anderson Cooper Guest Co-Host on Live With Kelly & Michael 06/12/2014

Anderson Cooper was back as guest co-host on Live with Kelly and Michael....

Host Chat Part 1:

Host Chat Part 2:

Travel Trivia:

Guest - Taylor Schilling:

Guest - Laurence Fishburne:

Guest - Martina McBride & End:

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doglover said...

6/12/14 Last nights interview with Texas State rep on Reparative Therapy for gays was sonewhat intersting -seems thd people just wont give up! I commend Anderson for giving him time to state his ignorant views. Anderson is really well informed in this area &really had the Texan at every turn. All the guy could do was flash is smile &try to hide the fact that he didnt think was so on top of this. Personally I class myself asa Christian albeit a broad minded one. I am not gay but do support their movement as I believe we are all created equal &loved in Gods eyes. Thers is still a lot of acceptance needed altho I do think here in Canada we are alittle more accepting .Most of the other news was mostly hit snd miss for me but I did like the intrrview with the Wilcox family on loss of thier son .AC handled it with sensitivity &let them express thier views . Not being fsmiliar with all U.S. politics a first impression of your Dave Brat isnt thst impressive he doesnt sound very informed &as such may well end up with his foot in mouth. Assume there will be more coming from Gsry Tuchman having more on immigration progam. With some of AC news coming at different times will have to straighten times out here. The Ridiculist gave a light hearted close to the program.

Jaanza said...

I was eight minutes late to Thursday's 360. The topic of the Iraqi almost civil war was being covered by Anderson, Phillip Mudd and Ali Soufan. Mudd brought up the religious divide and later said the whole conflict needed to be analyzed at "in context" and "we need to look at all the elements".
Hayes was covering the same topic. Right before his first commercial break, Hayes said 'How did we get into this mess?' and that would be discussed next.

Anderson came back first with a segment on Bergdahl coming back to the U.S., to rehab at a TX military hospital. Jim Sciutto was there with the details. I went back to Hayes and was rewarded with a series of clips of John McCain. Not just any old clips but clips of him in 2001 and 2003 stating the need for a war with Iraq and stating how "brief" it would be. Then Hayes interviewed former Rep. Barney Frank on this issue.
Maybe Anderson covered the 'getting into this mess' issue in the eight minutes I missed at the start of the show.

Drew Griffin has a new subject, "Congress for Sale" all about campaign spending, big fundraisers and donations and "buying votes". At the beginning of his report, Griffin showed a GOP fundraiser. `A promising start and I was hopeful for equal dissing on both sides of the aisle. However, I don't remember Griffin naming any GOP names connected to that fundraiser. Does anyone remember if he did? A short while later Griffin singled out Rep. Rangel (D-NY) and Rep. McGovern (D-MA) to highlight the "Congress for Sale" theme. So that irritated me. Later when talking to Anderson, Griffin said "They don't want to talk about this." Not sure if he meant only Rangle and McGovern or Congress as a whole. Maybe Rangle and McGovern were the only ones unfortunate enough to get snabbed by Griffin and his camera crew.

Next Anderson interviewed Columbine High School Principal Frank DeAngelis about the recent school shootings. I didn't really watch.

Gary Tuchman had a follow-up report on immigration. Tuchman, out in the field, spoke (apparently LIVE) with Anderson for a bit before a video clip of him at the border fence in Arizona (also apparently LIVE according the icon in the corner of the screen). This was a short segment without any really big revelations.

At the end of 360 Anderson promoted 'The Sixties' coming up and there was a Bulletin.

I've looked at the ratings the week so far. You know what might help? A big exclusive no-holds-barred interview with McCain. Anderson made a big splash with Donald Sterling so how about getting McCain, showing tapes of really stupid things he said a decade ago about invading Iraq and asking him to explain himself. Anderson has a nice cozy relationship with McCain so I'm sure McCain will do it.

Anonymous said...

With Kelly today (Thurs)show what did Anderson say when talking about not having hot water at the firehouse. My tv went out for a few min due to a storm here. When it came back I heard him say "he" was suppose to take care of it but hasn't. Did he mean Ben or talk about him? Then he said the shower in the morning was cold.

aries moon said...

Good panelists in the Iraq discussion. I especially liked that Phillip Mudd was emphatic about how important it was to carefully assess the current situation, step back and not get "breathless"--he said that ISIS is not supported by all the tribals and locals, that there were differences amongst the insurgents and that security forces seemed to have stepped up. The other guest said that a variety of factors would prevent ISIS from spreading and gaining more power--others (Saudis, Iranians, Kuwaitis) see the threat that ISIS poses and will try to stop them--you'd never get that kind of measured, reasoned analysis from John McCain.

Chris Hayes' montage of John McCain being wrong about everything on the Iraq war is something that should be shown on every news program. As much as I'd like to see Anderson finally recognize that McCain is a warmongering idiot who never gets it right, I don't think AC wants to hold him accountable for anything--he's too friendly with him. AC once said that he never attended the White House Correspondence dinners because he felt it was inappropriate for reporters to schmooze with the politicians they're supposed to hold accountable--even though AC's not exactly 'schmoozing' with McCain, it is clear he admires him greatly and the fact that he never sees fit to ever challenge McCain or keep him honest, it's almost no different than him actually 'schmoozing' with him.

I didn't bother watching Drew Griffin's report, I figured it would be as one-sided as Jaanza described.

The Columbine principle said more attention must be paid to mental health issues rather than examining the woefully weak gun laws and insane gun culture in the US--that was nonsense. Until we have stronger gun laws and fewer guns in the hands of unstable people and in the country overall, nothing will change.

I liked Thursday's AC & Kelly more than Wednesday's--for someone who seems so completely together on 360, AC always comes off as a neurotic mess with lots of drama and problems in his life off camera! I know his stories are most likely embellished for TV entertainment purposes, but the contrast of his smooth AC360 persona and his frazzled non-AC360 persona makes me laugh.

Anonymous said...

@2:36AM: Now that is really important, whether AC meant or didn't mean, duh, Ben??
Have YOU nothing else to think about?

Anonymous said...

In response to @2:36 AM, If you would have read more carefully I stated my tv went blank during that conversation and I didn't know if he meant Ben or Mark etc because Kelly said her husband could fix it. Why even comment if that's all you have to say. It's none of your business if you don't know how to respond. Have YOU nothing else to think about?? : )

Anonymous said...

@Anon 2:36 I think you will find the answer to your question in the first video on this post.