Thursday, June 05, 2014

Anderson Cooper on The Late Show With David Letterman June 4, 2014

Anderson Cooper was a guest on The Late Show....


And after the commercial break....


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Anonymous said...

I didn't know Anderson was going to be on Letterman. Did someone else cancel? He wasn't listed as a guest. What fun stuff did he talk about? Did he talk about his birthday? What he did?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have that Letterman show taped I missed it too! I don't think Dave show's many repeats.

loulou said...

I love McDs also . Nice treat .

aries moon said...

I agree with the commenters who have said that AC sometimes does a better job of discussing the issues he covers on 360 when he's on the Letterman show.

Jaanza said...

Thanks for the Letterman clips, ATA. Totally agree with Aries Moon regarding Anderson discussing the issues better in the talk show setting compared to 360. Today I saw Rachel Maddow do an almost 20 minute monologue about Bergdahl and GOP hypocrisy. Hayes also occasionally does shorter pieces editorializing certain issues. Anderson has said he doesn't want to wear his heart on his sleeve but sometimes I hope something will happen to make him make an exception. Even Walter Cronkite made his feelings known... at least about the VietNam War.
I enjoyed the end of the interview when Anderson and Letterman were discussing people who bring their boa constrictors or ferrets into Times Square. Anderson said, "No, your pet don't want to be manhandled by a crowd." Funny thing he said that. This past Sunday was Grand Old Day, a one-day street festival on Grand Avenue in my city. One guy had a huge (bigger than my cat!) grey rabbit on a leash. The rabbit just sat there while kids swarmed around petting it. I couldn't resist. I had to pat the bunny too.

Thursday's 360 was excellent for any viewer who wanted only news about the Seattle Pacific University shooting, with a little bit about Bergdahl thrown in. It was Breaking News but also a news story I didn't need to know every little detail.

Was there more than one new fact about Bergdahl's release that was made known today other than the fact of the Special Forces learning of the exact location only an hour beforehand? It seemed like that was the only new piece of information. Anderson squeezed this tidbit of info and got a Barbara Starr report and a panel with David Rohde, Robert Baer and Dan O'Shea. My favorite line was from Baer, "This story is too politicized." I wondered if more was known about the Seattle shooting if this news about Bergdahl would have been a blip in the Bulletin.

I did not see a Bulletin today. There was so much, maybe too much, about the Seattle shooting that the 25th anniversary of Tiananman Square, Sterling's agreement to sell the Clippers and the World Environment Day were never mentioned. Does anyone remember yesterday's Bulletin? Were these stories blipped in yesterday's Bulletin?

Thanks again for the Letterman clips. They showed a side of Anderson I wish would pop up more often on 360 (the Ridiculist doesn't count).

aries moon said...

Rachel Maddow reported that the information about the exact deal to swap out the 5 Taliban prisoners for a POW was reported on CNN and other news outlets as far back as 2011--the exact same deal that Republicans are now in an uproar over and pretending that President Obama's done something unprecedented and completely appalling. Maddow showed the clip of McCain on 360 saying that he WOULD agree to a Taliban swap deal as long as he knew the details about it. The details have been public since 2011, he KNEW those details when he was talking to Anderson but now he says that 'Obamaphiles' are lying about what he actually said. We have the tape John. It was also reported that Congress was informed of a possible swap deal back in December 2013--Sen. Feinstein and others have gone after the president for not giving them ample notice, except he did. Maddow always gives the full picture when reporting. Anderson prefers to bring in guests who stick to whatever narrative he and CNN want to push--he'll ask leading questions that will elicit the response he's looking for and the segment's done. Bob Baer went off the script a bit when he basically said that the president made the right choice in bringing Bergdahl back.

BTW, Jake Tapper, whom I'm not always fond of, did an interview with McCain and grilled him on his hypocrisy on the Bergdahl case. Good for Tapper for doing it.