Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Happy Birthday, Anderson Cooper

Happy Birthday, Anderson Cooper!  From family parties as a little boy to on air surprises from your CNN colleagues, here's hoping your 47th birthday is one of many more in a long line of birthdays full of pleasant surprises and no clowns!!

Erica surprised Anderson with a montage of his favorite videos for his 38th birthday, in 2005.

It contained a photo from when Anderson's mom surprised him on set and...

we have that video, too!

And yes, one year there were clowns....

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Anonymous said...

And what would Anderson like for his birthday this year - to report on the Impeachment of the president, what else.

doglover said...

6/3/14 Tonights Ridiculist for Andersons birthday was great , pictures from past good have some in my collection.Also enjoyed clips from Dr Drew and Andersons finger reply all clips good to see&especially Anderson enjoying a good laugh A real good break from the dull news .

Anonymous said...

@6:54 AM: Good comment, especially because Obama never did tax the rich, more like he said he would.
Little Anderson is afraid of 'equality' when it comes to income.
Sexuality is different.
A real GOP philosophy if ever there was one.