Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wednesday's RidicuList: Best Flight Attendant Ever & The Shot From July 3, 2009 Featuring Steven Colbert / Bubbles The Chimp

AC360's coverage of the fifth anniversary of Michael Jackson's death made us think of this gem from July 3, 2009.  Enjoy ~

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Anonymous said...

Tonight's opening story was very sobering for me. I know someone that lost their child the same way. It was truly an accident, no charges, etc., but they live with the horror and guilt every day.

Nic Robertson's report was good, but the follow up interview with Kilcullen was disappointing. Guess he had a book to promote. It was basically a blame President Obama for not keeping forces in Iraq. No mention that it was Bush that failed to negotiate a status of forces agreement, etc. I guess it was only time.

I pretty much tuned out when the topic turned to Michael Jackson. I know Jackson has a large following, but the endless coverage by CNN/AC360 five years ago make me never want to hear Anderson utter his name again. And Steven Colbert was spot on making fun of him for the Bubbles The Chimp interview!!

- Jenn

aries moon said...

It must have been a difficult thing for Sunny Hostin to admit that she once left her child in a hot car--I wasn't particularly interested in this report, but AC and Sunny's discussion was good.

I didn't mind the coverage of Michael Jackson (although his kids don't interest me) I grew up listening to him and his brothers and am still sorry that his life ended the way it did.

Hearing AC say "heyyy gurrrl" cracked me up during the Ridiculist.