Thursday, July 17, 2014

AC360 Expanded To Two Live Hours on Thursday & Wednesday's RidicuList

AC360 was expanded to two live hours tonight as CNN continued its breaking news coverage.  Anderson began AC360 with the following...

Wednesday's RidicuList:

AC360 Transcript
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Jaanza said...

Of course the news on Malaysia flight 17 was going to be the big news of 360. Anderson and his team (many re-assembled from Malaysia flight 370 coverage teams) covered all the angles and all did a terrific job. It was big dramatic news and new information was breaking during the hour (i.e. nationalities of those on board).

At the very start of the show Anderson mentioned the Israeli ground invasion of Gaza and it seemed like both MH17 and Israel/Gaza would get equal billing, equal time. Anderson didn't get to it until :51 into the hour and though Wedeman was asked the customary two questions, Blitzer was asked only one. Meanwhile Hayes covered Israel/Gaza in his second segment and for the entire segment.

Tomorrow MH17 will still be the big story. Unless Blitzer and Wedeman can get some amazing video, unless something big happens in Gaza or elsewhere, MH17 will be 90% of 360. But I can understand that. I also wonder if MH17 will be the big story on 360 three weeks from now.