Monday, July 28, 2014

Anderson Cooper & The WWHL After Show

On July 15th Anderson was a guest on Bravo Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live with Kelly Ripa.  Below is the after show and a couple of photos posted to Instagram...


AC360 Transcript
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Jaanza said...

This has nothing to do with the WWHL show and everything to do with Monday's 360. It was pretty good. The Israel/Gaza war was the lead story and got two full segments.
In the first segment, Anderson summarized how bad things have gotten over there and brought in Karl Penhaul (in Gaza) to give the details. While Penhaul was talking, the war was still going on behind him and this was evident in at least two explosions/missiles nearby. Blitzer (in Jerusalem?) reported on the Israeli side, the targeting and the rationale behind the targeting. Back to Penhaul, Anderson asked exactly where he was and what the camera was looking at geographically-wise. Then more with Blitzer on the Hamas tunnels.
A lot of information was given and the live shots of Penhaul in Gaza with the drama of the explosions was great TV.

Segment two on Israel/Gaza was more about the political side, the reasons they are fighting. Anderson interviewed Mark Regev, an Israeli government spokesman, and Mouin Rabbani for the Hamas point-of-view.

MH17, the attempts to recover and investigate and the hassle of doing so right now was covered by Nick Paton Walsh.
With the war still very much going on and very evident, MH17 was limited to one segment.

Penhaul gave an update on the action in a short segment before the one on the sex offender suspect who was profiled on CNN's "The Hunt" and killed today in an attempted arrest today in NYC. I didn't pay a lot of attention to Anderson's interview with John Walsh, host of "The Hunt".

Overall, Monday's 360 had a good variety of news but also gave the Israel/Gaza war a good look. I wish a report on the GOP's impeachment efforts could have been squeezed in.
And if it wasn't for the big war news, I think Anderson would have done a Ridiculist on the new video of a hawk eating a mouse on a NYC sidewalk; it was a nice little slice of nature but the video dude's comments make it amusing in a way I think Anderson would like.

aries moon said...

Karl Penhaul's segments were very nerve-wracking to watch with the explosions going off in the background.

I can't add anything of note to Jaanza's excellent 360 rundown so I'll just say that AC's appearance on WWHL was one of his most entertaining ones and I loved Kelly Ripa's outfit.